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In the article, we are going to talk about the most historic phone ever created in the history of iPhones. We follow Marques Brownlee’s video review as we show you Apple’s latest flagship phone.

There’s a learning curve to the new iPhone X, which is quite fascinating as we haven’t seen anything alike with its predecessors.

All previous models had pretty much the same setup with a rectangle screen, rounded corners and a home button. You know exactly what you get, how to use it and what to expect. If there are any new features once in a while, it won’t take you more than ten-seconds to learn it and you are good to go.

With the iPhone X, there are three or four fundamental changes to the way you use the phone. On the outside, it’s the same shape we’re used to – a rectangle with rounded corners – but the display is now curved for the first time and the screen is as close to the edges as possible.

Holding the phone gives you a pleasurable feeling as it is large enough to enjoy all your favorite activities at maximum pleasure. Even though that the new model is larger, the feeling is that you are having an iPhone 8, rather than a “plus”.

The stainless steel sides make the phone far more slippery and it’s a matter of time before you drop it. The back of the phone is a shiny glass, which would probably never look the same as the first time you’ve opened the box. It can get easily scratched, so it is better to use the device with a case.

The Toronto based accessory maker Dbrand is now offering an accessory named “The Grip”. It’s a quite useful for individuals who tend to break their phones often. More about this accessory, you will learn in the upcoming weeks as we create a separate review article about it.

Overall, it has everything for a $1,000 phone. The speakers aren’t front-facing, but they are still pretty good. It’s water-resistant and you can charge it wirelessly. Once again, there’s no headphone jack, but welcome to 2017!

Many people ask whether this is the most breakable iPhone due to the glass back screen and the answer is… yes. What I personally don’t like is the camera bump, which would make the phone rocking while being placed on a table and chances are that you will get your finger in the photos far more often than before.

The notch

The most prominent feature of the phone is the front notch which contains some highly valuable sensors. It might look annoying at the beginning, but you will get used to it quickly.

All optimized iPhone 10 applications must wrap around the notch perfectly. Most applications are catching up with the update as developers are optimizing their apps.

Apps that aren’t updated will be quite obvious as they have huge bezels at the top. It is quite annoying when you watch videos as the notch will often cut off some of the display when playing on a full screen.

By double tapping on the screen, you can add bezels to see everything, but this would make the screen small and then you will see the need for a plus-sized X.

The Retina Display

The phone features a Retina OLED display with the 5.8-inch panel, high pixel density. It supports HDR, True Tone, Live Photos, and the colors are far better than before.

Having such an amazing display means that users must forget about the home button. Even though that there’s no home button, you can now control your phone using “gestures”, which are part of the learning curve we talked about previously.


By swiping up from the bottom of the screen to go home and you will see a bar that represents your “Home”, from where you can close opened applications.

Swipe down from the top to access notifications. By swiping from the right corner you can open the “Control Centre”. For multitasking, you have to swipe halfway up and then over to get through your recent apps. If you can’t access the upper part of the phone, you can swipe down on the bottom of the screen to reach the top corners.

Once you get used to the swiping, you will understand just how much it improves the user’s experience.

The long-awaited Face ID

Removing the home button means that there’s no fingerprint reader on the front anymore. That’s why, you have the new Face ID system, which unfortunately is far from perfect, whereas the touch ID was far more superior.

However, Face ID can get improved with new software updates so we hope to see them more often! Note that, it has some physical limitations that will prevent it from unlocking. It works by placing thousands of sensors on your face to recognize you. The system is quite sophisticated as it can recognize you as you change with time or when you add a makeup or change your hairstyle.

The system is known to fail if there’s infrared light around you. Personally for me, locking your phone with Touch ID had a success rate of around 99%, whereas with Face ID it is around 95%.

Go to Settings to turn “Attention” on. This means that you will have to be looking towards the phone so that it can unlock. I believe that the Face ID system provides more security in terms of authentication and it’s quite a seamless process.

Apple represents animated emojis

The Animoji, possibly the funniest feature on iPhone 10 that would make communicating with your friends even more hilarious. It’s exclusive to this model only! Android users will receive a video of your Animoji when you decide to send them one. Even though that this feature requires a front-facing camera, other models of the company don’t have it.

Photos are now even better

The cameras are a bit changed even though the sensors are the same, but with better glass and optic stabilization. Now, you can make far better pictures with the 2x telephoto lens and zoomed videos & photos. HDR on this phone is quite amazing, aggressive and detailed. From what we’ve seen, the iPhone X’s front-facing camera might be the best one on the market for videos.


Inside the phone, this awesome machine offers an A11 Bionic chip, 3GB’s of RAM, which allows it to perform on a brilliant level making it one of the fastest phones available on the market. The battery of the iPhone 10 is improved as it is now close to the capability of the iPhone 8 Plus.

The bottom line is that iPhone X is a brilliant device and people won’t be disappointed for paying a thousand dollars to own one. Those who want this phone are already aware of its drawbacks, so it’s a well worth purchase after all.

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