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TripontechMay 21, 2017


Facebook is looking forward to uniting the notifications of its most used applications. Now, the three applications are testing a feature, which shows alerts from the other apps and allows you to move quickly between them. 

This would increase the engagement between all apps considerably. Those red alert dots will frequently remind you that there’s something to see in the other app, which could make you go crazy eventually. 

If you don’t open a notification or dismiss it, you will see that dot constantly, and it will beg for your attention. That’s why this feature can be the next thing that people would hate as it exploits the anxiety of millions of individuals. It will undoubtedly increase the engagement in all applications, but it might turn Facebook’s users against the company. 

According to Facebook, they want to make it easier for people to connect with each other and talk about the things they love. They want to make navigation across applications easier than ever before. 

This switcher button will appear when you tap the profile icon on the top corners of the three Facebook-owned applications. This icon will show all pending notifications from other apps. When you open it, you will see all other accounts and a red dot that shows how many unread notifications you have. The moment you tap on it, it will send you over to the other app. An interesting fact is that the messaging application WhatsApp isn’t included. 

It looks like that Facebook is trying to channel the activity of all three applications into one, by increasing the engagement and the time spent on all apps. Is this a new smart move or yet another feature that would annoy everyone like the Facebook Messenger’s Day?

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TripontechMay 20, 2017


The Facebook Messenger debuted with a new appearance that’s focused on improving the navigation throughout the app. Unfortunately, Facebook isn’t willing to remove the Stories feature! Instead, they made a few small changes that improve the way you navigate.

Now you can move between three tabs that are located on the top of the Messenger’s home screen – groups, online contacts, and your messages. The update will notify you when there’s activity somewhere by putting a red dot on the icon.

The idea of the new update is to simplify the application and improve the way it works. That way, they are considerably improving the user’s experience, making the application easier to use and more enjoyable.

Before the last update, “Groups” was located at the bottom of the screen, but now it’s more visible for users. Next to it is the “Active” tab, where you can choose to chat with all friends that are currently online. Those who are active are indicated with a green dot.

The new “Active” section is meant to encourage users to start new conversations on Facebook Messenger. It’s easier than ever to see who’s online, which allows you to start conversations immediately.

Now people can focus on those three areas for messaging friends. This centralizing move will surely drive more people to be social and chat. The bottom part of the app is for newer features such as the Games tab, which was released for a worldwide use this month.

The last update has also decreased the size of the Camera button, which was quite significant in the previous update. By clicking it, you can enjoy the large selection of Snapchat-like masks, effects, and filters. Moreover, the smaller size of the button is better as it doesn’t feel as the camera is the leading feature of Messenger.

The updated bottom bar will allow you to choose between Camera, Games, People, Calls and Home.

We really hope that this useful guide will help you navigate through the new updates that were rolled out recently. These changes are expected to appear on every phone worldwide in the upcoming weeks.

TripontechMay 19, 2017


Tesla bought SolarCity at the tail end of 2016.

They told the public their purpose for buying it was to make solar energy affordable and available to everyone. They have even detailed how their solar panels work. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they’re made using hydrographic coloring.

But now the project has been pushed back to 2018. But even before this was announced, experts were speculating that the buyout and throwing their hat in with solar power was a bad idea for Tesla.

So what happened?

Fantasy vs. Reality 

In Tesla’s mind, solar power should be available to everyone. That is understandable. The sun is a permanent source of energy, and using it to power our lives would relieve a lot of stress on the planet.

But the reality is most people can’t afford to convert their home to solar power. The rewards for making the change simply is not worth the money invested for most people.

Let me break it down for you.

In Cook County, Illinois, the government has passed a regulation calling for solar powered communities to be built. This same regulation rewards people for switching to solar power. Partial funding, including possible cash rewards, is provided to help offset the costs. Once communities start to switch, Illinois is hoping that solar power will gain popularity.

The government realizes what most solar panel retailers don’t: no one is going to invest in using renewable energy when using electricity and coal is a much, much cheaper alternative.

Even though solar energy is touted as cheaper than ever before, no one is buying into it. Many solar companies are going bankrupt all over the nation.

Tesla’s heart is in the right place, but reality is clashing with the company’s plans. Not to mention they have their hands full dealing with lawyers like Eisenberg Gilchrist & Cutt because they’re being sued. It’s hard to tout a product as revolutionary when you’re being accused of having another revolutionary product that is sub-par.

Here’s another interesting thought: the demographic Tesla is targeting isn’t growing as quickly as planned.

Examining the Target Demographic

Aside from specialized urban development projects, most people who have solar paneling on their houses own their homes. They don’t live in apartments, condos, or in a big city. They’re in suburbs or rural areas, and the last thing on their mind is investing in renewable sources of energy.

Now, when Tesla says this roof is going to be more affordable than a normal roof, they’re talking about over time. Initially, you are going to spend some big money. Tesla has a loan program specifically for their solar panels. That should tell you how much it will cost.

How many people look at renewable energy as a long-term investment?

I’ll give you a hint: not enough.

Renewable energy is not a 401k plan. It’s not a career. It’s not going to put people through retirement. It isn’t going to change your life. Therefore, people just aren’t interested in investing in it.

Does it really make sense to go into debt for years just to cut down on your power bill?

It might in some areas where electricity is ridiculously expensive. But how many areas are like that? Overall, it is still cheaper to use electricity than solar power.

That is Tesla’s biggest challenge.

Making their solar tiles look pretty is a start, but it isn’t going to be the thing to make solar power energy mainstream. They need to make it affordable. So until is available to average people without a loan, or years of debt, no one is going to buy it.

TripontechMay 16, 2017


Do you remember the good ‘ol times, where all you had to do is upgrade your Snapchat’s story? This is now a thing of the past as other social media platforms adopted the “Story” feature. Now, after the Facebook-owned companies copied Snapchat, we are left with not one, but three stories to manage.

Yes, we know how stressful it is to choose between one of the three platforms. In fact, we’ve seen a significant number of friends updating the three of them with the same content. Frankly, it’s quite annoying to do so! That’s why we’ve decided to write a detailed guide helping you manage the “Story” feature usage.


Your Facebook stories must be formal, as they are most probably going to reach hundreds and even thousands of people. That’s why, Facebook should not be used consistently, but every once in a while. The content posted there must show how delighted you are with life.

Here are the reasons why you should use this social media’s stories:

  • If Facebook is the only social media platform you’ve been using until now.
  • If you want to complain about the latest news regarding the politics of your country.
  • When you want to brag about your family’s achievements.
  • When you are not ready for a Facebook Live, but Stories is just as good.
  • If you are some kind of a reporter and you what to spread the word.
  • You can share the important personal news with your friends and family.
  • If you wish to spread the word about your business.


Instagram Stories are getting increasingly popular, and it’s the place where you can show your photographing skills. It’s one of the best ways to show your amazing life to your friends. Your first Instagram Story will be acknowledged by more people as they receive a notification,

When should you use Instagram Stories? 

  • The fact is that Instagram is suitable for almost every event.
  • People mainly use it when they celebrate and have fun.
  • The Boomerang feature is of high importance to become popular with your videos.
  • Sharing your gourmet food is totally acceptable with Instagram, especially with a filter.
  • Do not forget to share your tenth coffee for the day!
  • Many people use it when they want to share their location with others. Using the special location tag, you can reveal where you are exactly.
  • Instagram is perfect for sharing beautiful scenery.
  • People use it for sharing their pets as well.
  • Basically, you can share everything on Instagram, as long as it looks good.


What makes Snapchat so nice is that the friends you have there, are probably your real life friends. This removes the pressure of sending a photo, as you can share anything you’d like with them. Moreover, it disappears in seconds, and you will see if somebody screenshots it.

When should you use Snapchat Stories? 

  • When you want to share your specific location with friends.
  • When you are in a cinema, theater or concert.
  • If it is one of those days when you want to take a selfie, but only with a filter.
  • When you are tired of writing and you use only Bitmoji’s.
  • Expressing your emotions regarding your personal life.
  • When you feel like it’s selfie ‘o clock.
  • When you capture an amazing scenery.
  • Sharing your pets is totally acceptable here, everybody loves animals!
  • Your new hairstyle is a total must on this platform, so don’t forget it.

Now you are well aware what’s normal to post on these social platforms. So, let’s sum it up! Facebook is the most formal one as it has the largest audience, so you must be careful what you share there. Instagram is for your amazing photographic skills, while Snapchat is for everything that happens in your daily life.

TripontechMay 16, 2017


Facebook’s latest feature will show you posts from strangers, which is something that Twitter users were used to until now. This new feature is called “Latest Conversations, ” and it was recently revealed by the company.

Now, when you search for a new’s topic, Facebook will show posts from other users outside your private network, and you can see how many people have engaged with this topic.

This new section can be found below the “Photos” & “News” sections in your search bar. It’s a nice feature as it allows you to watch trends rise and fall in a matter of days or even hours.

Knowing this information will allow you to understand how much a particular topic is preferred by other individuals. You will know how many people are engaged with the subject, which would allow to target them with valuable content and ads.

Note that not every search can be found in the “Latest Conversations” section. The topic you search now might not be found a few hours later. Until now, Facebook hasn’t revealed what qualifies a particular subject for this section. Whether it’s an algorithm that chooses them or they are manually selected is currently unknown.

A company’s spokesman revealed that this feature is here to stay. It shows the most recent posts about hot topics discussed on the social media platform. They are also testing a new “Topics to Follow” feature, which would change the News Feed one more time.

Stay tuned to Tripontech for more tech news! Share in the comments what are your thoughts about the latest features revealed by the social media giant.

TripontechMay 15, 2017


Not long ago, the leading wearable company in the world was Fitbit, but now the first place has been taken by Apple. Even thought that Apple hadn’t revealed the exact amount of sales they’ve made until now, some analytics reports reveal that the company’s market share in wearable tech has expanded significantly with 4%.

According to those reports, Apple has shipped 3.5 million watches this quarter, which is a huge improvement from last year’s 2.2 million devices.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is getting increasingly popular in the United States and Britain. It has an improved design and provides a variety of fitness & health features.

Apple is headed to the top of the wearable market, but let’s see how was the market share spread over throughout the previous year. Xiaomi and Fitbit showed almost similar results, which are considerably low when compared to the year before that. Xiaomi has lost more than 5%, while Fitbit lost around 11% shares. It even looks like the shares lost by Fitbit was gained by Apple.

The Director of Fitbit revealed that they had lost leadership to Apple due to the fact that they’ve entered the smartwatch market relatively late. Now their revenues, shipments, and profits are decreasing, which leads to a tough year for the company. Now, more than ever the company needs to reveal a revolutionary smartwatch with some incredible features if they wish to stay in the game for more.

Is wearable technology dying?

Many people are wondering whether smartwatches have any future at all. Nowadays, everybody is equipped with a powerful smartphone, and these watches are rather unnecessary expenditure

Recently, the CEO of Huawei commented that this wearable technology is completely useless, which is ironic given the fact that the company is a manufacturer of wearable tech like the smart watch

Moreover, the leader of the market was under attack when a few major apps such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Maps dropped support without any official announcements

The whole industry might crumble sooner or later if the technology doesn’t become interesting enough for the users. Maybe, the fact that Apple doesn’t reveal any reports for the Apple Watch is concerning. After all, even if the company is taking the first spot now, we don’t know what tomorrow has prepared for us. The wearable market is dynamic, and it changes every single day.

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