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IoT (The Internet of Things) is a term that has been floating around as early as 1999. But it seems that 2018 may be the year where IoT finally reaches new heights regarding innovation and adoption.

In this year’s CES (Consumer Electronics Show), IoT takes the spotlight as the center of innovative tech on display.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things refers to the connected network [1] between physical devices such as cars, home appliances that allows the exchange of data.

For example, as you drive home from work, your car can tell your TV to switch to your favorite channel so you can watch it the moment you open the door. Of course, the application of IoT technology can go beyond that.

IoT has seen widespread adoption within the past two years. Cities are using sensors, smart meters and big data analytics to improve utility services, water management, waste management, transportation services and parking. Healthcare companies are deploying wearables and embedded devices to gather real-time data about their patients and deliver timely, life-saving care.

The IoT is becoming essential to business, and ubiquitous enough that you’re probably regularly interacting with it, even if you don’t know it.

With the IoT taking off in the near future, you’ll be glad to know that you can experience the wonders of IoT today with these devices:

Nest Thermostat

The nest is a thermostat that learns. It knows what temperature you like and turns itself down when you are away and has remote control through WiFi. According to their website [2], Nest has helped save billions of kWh of energy across millions of homes with this technology.

Quirky+GE Aros smart air conditioner

Strange name aside, the Aros [3] is smart, affordable air conditioning system that is an excellent alternative to the Nest system without the Nest price tag.

It learns from your budget, location, schedule, and usage to automatically maintain the perfect temperature and maximize savings for your home. What’s more, it can be controlled from anywhere using the Wink app on your mobile device.

Sonos One Music System

The Sonos One [4] music system is the compact, surprisingly powerful wireless speaker with deep, crystal clear HiFi sound. Sonos is a smart system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components. It can connect to Amazon’s Echo, and unites your digital music collection in one app that you can control from any device.

Samsung Smart Refrigerator

Samsung joins the IoT game with its series of smart fridges [5]. With yearly updates, Samsung has integrated mobile phone technology with Samsung Smart Fridgerators to bring online connectivity to a whole new level. It’s like having a supercomputer in your kitchen.

Amazon Echo

Undoubtedly the most famous product to come out of the IoT buzz, Amazon Echo [6] is a range of smart speakers comes with an intelligent voice-controlled personal assistant Alexa that can help you check the weather, to making restaurant reservations.

Final Thoughts

Although still in its infancy, The Internet of Things is growing. 2018 looks to be an exciting year for IoT. Fortunately, we already have many cool IoT devices to improve our lives, before the real IoT future arrives.

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The wireless AirPods are eliminating the supply constraints this year and they will be available everywhere in 2018. According to our sources, Apple is about to double the production of the earbuds. The company plans to increase the AirPods shipments by a hundred percent every year.

This is now possible due to the fact that Apple outsourced their AirPod production by adding a whole new company – Luxshare. This huge improvement cut down the shipping time on Apple’s official website significantly.

The earbuds have been far more successful than users thought at the beginning due to the production delays and other concerns. Once again, the company doesn’t share information that includes their sales so we can’t say how many units the company sells on a yearly base.

However, not long ago Tim Cook revealed that their “wearables” department is roughly the size of a Fortune 400 company, which means that the growth isn’t a surprise to anyone.


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Recently, Google released their stylish and comfortable set of wireless headphones – The Pixel Buds. Even though they rank highly on our list, there are some limitations that prevent them from hitting the top spot.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the device is that the Google Assistant runs only with Android Marshmallow or higher. Fast pairing over Bluetooth works only on devices with Android Oreo or Nougat. Not only that, but the device’s most notable feature that translates a foreign language directly is limited to Google Pixel & Pixel 2 phones. So we have some unique features, but the limitations are killing the fun with the device.

However, if you are an owner of a new Android smartphone and you are sick of cables, then Google’s first wireless earbuds might be the right for you.


The earbuds come in a fabric enclosure that’s used as a charging base as well. They can be easily stored in the pocket and it’s easy to pull them out of the case, but then you have to careful when fitting them inside because they have a braided cable. Note that the Pixel Buds aren’t completely wireless such as the Apple AirPods.

To connect the device to your phone, you have to enable the Bluetooth on your phone and you will be ready to go.

The Pixel Buds can be placed in the outer ear, which allows noise from the reality to mix with your music. So, if you are looking to concentrate on a task by listening to music, those earbuds aren’t the one for you. Moreover, Google hasn’t included a clip on the cord to attach to your clothing.

To operate with those headphones, all you have to do is tap on the right earbud to perform one of the following tasks: answer a call, pause or play. To raise the volume you have to swipe forward and reverse the action if you’d like to lower it. By double tapping it, you can check your notifications or listen to your upcoming calendar events.

For the Google Assistant feature, you have to hold a finger on the right earbud and let it go when you are finished with the command. It’s suitable for responding to messages, switching songs, and much more.

Connecting them with other devices such as Apple ones requires pressing a button located inside the case of the headphones to enable pairing mode. It’s fast but not as intuitive as Apple’s Airports.


Looking at the Pixel Buds as wireless headphones only, the performance is quite pleasant. In terms of sound quality, you will be delighted, but you have to position them properly inside your ear to achieve the ideal sound.

The battery life is just as advertised by the company for up to five hours of continuous use per charge. If you are using them more rarely for messages and phone calls, then the battery can reach up to eight hours. Moreover, the case allows 24-hours recharging time, so that’s a great advantage.

What makes them unique is the Google Translate feature that would translate almost any foreign language into your native one. If you need to speak with somebody, it will decode their language directly into your Pixel Buds, which is fascinating.

However, the microphones of the device had a trouble understanding our commands when we tried using Google Assistant on crowded streets. Not only that, but it requires an internet connection and you can’t change your songs directly if you don’t.

All in all

Google’s latest headphones aren’t perfect like their competitors, but they rank highly when it comes to sound and battery. They are suitable for Google’s latest devices, but if you are an individual who constantly changes their devices, then you are going to have a hard time with them.

The Google Assistant needs a lot of work as well and you can’t customize the gestures required to perform actions. Yeah, the Translating feature is unique, but it’s not enough to put these earbuds above others. Individuals keen on Apple products would never switch their AirPods for these and there are many other brands that provide much more customer’s satisfaction at lower prices when it comes to wireless headphones.

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The iPad is a great device that many people love, but for many, it’s too expensive. According to our sources, Apple is planning to release a whole new 9.7-inch iPad for only $259 in the upcoming months of the new year.

The new model aims to increase the tablet sales of the company by targeting those individuals who believe the current $329 model is too expensive. The company believes that a cheaper model would significantly increase their overall sales, luring thousands of new clients.

From what we know, the Cupertino-based company will release the device in the second quarter of 2018, targeting industrial and service sectors as their main target.

However, we don’t know whether the developers are going to make changes with the design or the hardware in order to cut down the cost. Our reports say that Apple is looking to outsource the iPad’s production to a Taiwanese manufacturer, which also works in tight partnership with Toshiba, HP, Acer, Dell & Lenovo.

The price cut isn’t much of a surprise as tablet sales have fallen considerably in the past few years and iPad lost their leading positions to the Microsoft Surface Tablet when it comes to customer’s satisfaction.

iPad’s lower price will make it a hit amongst consumers looking for a high-end tablet that comes at a cheaper price. If the rumors about the new Apple tablet are true, then the competitors from Amazon, Huawei and Asus are in great danger.

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In the past few years, there was a lack of innovation in the phone industry, where Apple became the equivalent of success for many. For a while, the design of all phones became the same and they were frankly boring to everyone.

However, this was the year of changes in the industry, as phones ditched features that made them look the same. Now, companies have added bigger far more sophisticated screens, dual-camera setups for a better quality and most brands have removed the home button, which was considered a necessity for a number of years. So, let’s check what’s new this year!

New Construction Materials

First and foremost, most companies have changed the materials they’ve been using until now. At first, Apple introduced their original iPhone, mixed aluminium, stainless steel and plastic. For few years, they went to steel and glass with the iPhone 4 & 4S, which is something that we can enjoy again with their latest arrivals 8, 8 Plus & X.

The Android device had a similar history, but the majority stuck on a design similar to the iPhone 6, which includes a thin CNC-ed unibody aluminium with antenna bands on the back. An example for an iPhone look-alike was the OnePlus 5’s design which was clearly inspired by the Cupertino-based company.

However, most manufacturers have switched back to the metal & glass design, firstly used by the iPhone 4, by making it much more appealing and functional.

The glass used on most premium devices is now scratch-resistant, allows wireless charging and it’s harder to break. Of course, this isn’t the only new material used by most companies.

Recently, The Essential Phone was featured with a titanium body, whereas the Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 2 had a ceramic back. Google’s Pixel 2 was released with aluminum frames coated with matte finish, which adds a better grip to the device

Improved Screens

The mobile industry’s vision is to create a phone that has nothing else but the screen. This vision becomes clearer every year as companies continue to review screens that are more sophisticated than their predecessors.

Most manufacturers have made the shift from rectangular screens to edge-to-edge displays, trying to remove the bezels from every side. Moreover, most phones are now with rounded corners, making the phone look even thinner.

Currently, the iPhone X is by far the most advanced phone, offering a screen that touches every side of the phone. However, it includes a “notch” that houses a variety of sensors required for certain functions. It might look strange, but the fact is that you can spot that device from a mile. Moreover, they are highly important as they allow the implementation of larger screens.

Putting things into the past

The phone industry has changed a lot in the past few years. Even though that there are tons of new features, everybody still mourns their loss.

In the past year or two, most phone manufacturers have ditched headphone jacks, single cameras, and home buttons, making them a part of the museums. Yes, some phones haven’t evolved yet, but it’s a process that will take time before it’s accepted by all companies.

Apple was the first company to remove the jack, for which they received huge criticism, but it looks like that they were right as most companies have followed the same path.

It is really unpleasant when you can’t find your dongle or you find out that there’s no battery on your wireless headphones, but it’s for the greater good of all phone designs.

The result of this decision? Better cameras, water & dust resistance, larger battery and smaller phone. The same goes for the home button, which is already considered as a blessing in disguise. Forget about the constant failures and enjoy the larger screen. You might not have a Touch ID button now, but the Face ID is even better! Moreover, most Android phones still have a fingerprint sensor on the back, so you still have a choice.

Plus, no fingerprint means that the company has to concentrate on improving the face ID feature. We’re really looking forward to the more sophisticated versions as they will be far more accurate, quicker and secure.

Advanced Cameras

The newest smartphone addition is the dual cameras, which were firstly introduced by HTC, but then improved by Apple which made them a leading choice for individuals eager to make better photoshoots.

The introduction of dual cameras came in fast and most manufacturers rushed into implementing them, without ensuring the perfection of the technology. The result was catastrophic for the cameras of Android phones, which allowed iPhone to reach the first place when it comes to quality shooting.

Are the companies going to surprise is in the upcoming two years or the market will be dominated by Apple once again? Well, we can’t say that right now as competitors in the face of Xiami, Google, Samsung and the Essential Phone are gaining momentum. It looks like the next two years will be fateful for the smartphone industry.

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Recently, Google released their annual list of top Android applications and some of the top choices might come up as a surprise to you. Google has sorted them by most popular new applications and most favorite new applications.

The list is full of applications that you might not have heard about yet. If you are looking for a new hobby, then this ranking might be just for you.

So, Google’s five most popular applications include a photo editor, forecast app, the famous Boomerang as well as video app.

  1. Photo Editor – Filters & Beauty Camera
  2. What the Forecast?!!
  3. Boomerang
  4. TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, GIFs & TV shows
  5. Yarn – Chat Fiction

However, Google has decided not to stop there and they’ve created their personal list of favorites. On top of that list is the unusual homework helper “Socratic”.

The applications are quite entertaining as it uses artificial intelligence to guide users through their science & mathematical problems. To use the application, all you have to do is take a photo of your problem and it will show you a way to solve it. Moreover, it allows you to watch educational videos and receive help from classmates.

Other applications awarded by Google Include:

  1. 123 numbers – Best application for kids
  2. Qapital – As the most Innovative one
  3. Litsy – Awarded for the best social app
  4. Simple Habit Meditation – The best app for daily help
  5. PicsArt Animator: Video & GIF – As the most entertaining

For video gaming aficionados, Google has chosen CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars as their main choice. The complex game was created by the developers of Cut the Rope. In it, individuals have to build cars and battle against each other to win the game.

Their list of the most popular games of the year include:

  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • Super Mario Run
  • Ballz
  • Magic Tiles 3
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga

As we thought the movie Moana was chosen as their most popular, Game of Thrones took the award for the TV shows. So, after seeing the tech giant’s list, would you say that it covers your favorites of the year? If not, please share with us your most played games and used applications.

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