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Soul Electronics has been a preferred choice for many as they search for the purest sound, comfort and best price for the value given. In this article, we are going to talk about Soul’s Run Free Pro HD & X-Tra Performance Over-Ear headphones.


Run Free Pro HD weight around 15 grams and they feature a Li-ion Polymer battery. You can connect your devices through the integrated Bluetooth 4.0, which has a reach of 33ft. The Li-ion battery will give you up to twelve hours of working time so that you can enjoy your favorite music for a whole day.

X-Tra Performance headphones weight 198 grams, with dimensions of 164W x 200H x 72D (mm). Just like the others, these include a Bluetooth 4.0, Volume control and a 40mm speaker. The battery of the device can last up to 24 hours, but it varies on the volume level and few other factors.


The Run Free Pro HD’s come in a blue and black color, whereas the red version was omitted this year. The cables come in a blue/white combination and I would say that the coloring makes them stand apart and look quite stylish.

Using a special nano-coating technology, the company has made the earphones sweat and weatherproof. This means that you can enjoy your workouts without wondering whether they will burn or not.

The cables are flat and reflective. This means that athletes will be protected while training during the late hours. The cables reflect the lights, allowing drivers to see the individual far more clearly.

The X-Tra Performance headphones feature an ergonomic design that would prevent them from falling even during the toughest workouts. You can turn on the dual mode LED lights (Still & Flashing) to keep yourself safe in the dark from vehicles.

The earpads are made of breathable material for moisture wicking. They are removable so that you can wash them whenever you like. The X-Tra have a foldable design, which makes them quite easy for a safe storage during travels.

What’s included:

The Soul Run Free Pro HD’s include 4 pairs of ear tips, whereas 2 pairs are created of foam. This would allow them to fit almost every type of ear.

There’s also a cable clip to fit the cables together during workouts. This would significantly increase the comfort as the cables won’t move around your neck, irritating you during training.

The X-Tra performance headphones include an audio cable, USB charging cable and a carrying case.

Battery Life

These amazing earphones feature up to 12 hours of battery on a single charge. We tested them and you really receive up to 12 hours of music, which is a lot of Bluetooth headphones. Note that turning the volume up can decrease the battery life.

Similar to the X-Tra Performance headphones, these can a fast charging option as well. Putting them on the charger for 15 minutes would give them up to 90 minutes of play time.

On the other hand, Soul’s headphones have up t 24-hours of playtime without the LED lights. The fast charge support with this model can give you up to 150 min of playtime with just a 15 minutes charge.

Final Thoughts

Both products of the company provide a cleaner and crisper sound compared to their competitors. The changes they have made with their latest models were for the good as both devices show superiority when compared to others.

The prices can be a bit high for some individuals, but if you plan to use them on a daily basis, then Soul’s products are the one for you!

Soul Electronics has been a preferred choice for many as they search for the purest sound, comfort and best price for the value given. In this article, we are going to talk about Soul’s Run Free Pro HD & X-Tra Performance Over-Ear headphones.

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In the article, we are going to talk about the most historic phone ever created in the history of iPhones. We follow Marques Brownlee’s video review as we show you Apple’s latest flagship phone.

There’s a learning curve to the new iPhone X, which is quite fascinating as we haven’t seen anything alike with its predecessors.

All previous models had pretty much the same setup with a rectangle screen, rounded corners and a home button. You know exactly what you get, how to use it and what to expect. If there are any new features once in a while, it won’t take you more than ten-seconds to learn it and you are good to go.

With the iPhone X, there are three or four fundamental changes to the way you use the phone. On the outside, it’s the same shape we’re used to – a rectangle with rounded corners – but the display is now curved for the first time and the screen is as close to the edges as possible.

Holding the phone gives you a pleasurable feeling as it is large enough to enjoy all your favorite activities at maximum pleasure. Even though that the new model is larger, the feeling is that you are having an iPhone 8, rather than a “plus”.

The stainless steel sides make the phone far more slippery and it’s a matter of time before you drop it. The back of the phone is a shiny glass, which would probably never look the same as the first time you’ve opened the box. It can get easily scratched, so it is better to use the device with a case.

The Toronto based accessory maker Dbrand is now offering an accessory named “The Grip”. It’s a quite useful for individuals who tend to break their phones often. More about this accessory, you will learn in the upcoming weeks as we create a separate review article about it.

Overall, it has everything for a $1,000 phone. The speakers aren’t front-facing, but they are still pretty good. It’s water-resistant and you can charge it wirelessly. Once again, there’s no headphone jack, but welcome to 2017!

Many people ask whether this is the most breakable iPhone due to the glass back screen and the answer is… yes. What I personally don’t like is the camera bump, which would make the phone rocking while being placed on a table and chances are that you will get your finger in the photos far more often than before.

The notch

The most prominent feature of the phone is the front notch which contains some highly valuable sensors. It might look annoying at the beginning, but you will get used to it quickly.

All optimized iPhone 10 applications must wrap around the notch perfectly. Most applications are catching up with the update as developers are optimizing their apps.

Apps that aren’t updated will be quite obvious as they have huge bezels at the top. It is quite annoying when you watch videos as the notch will often cut off some of the display when playing on a full screen.

By double tapping on the screen, you can add bezels to see everything, but this would make the screen small and then you will see the need for a plus-sized X.

The Retina Display

The phone features a Retina OLED display with the 5.8-inch panel, high pixel density. It supports HDR, True Tone, Live Photos, and the colors are far better than before.

Having such an amazing display means that users must forget about the home button. Even though that there’s no home button, you can now control your phone using “gestures”, which are part of the learning curve we talked about previously.


By swiping up from the bottom of the screen to go home and you will see a bar that represents your “Home”, from where you can close opened applications.

Swipe down from the top to access notifications. By swiping from the right corner you can open the “Control Centre”. For multitasking, you have to swipe halfway up and then over to get through your recent apps. If you can’t access the upper part of the phone, you can swipe down on the bottom of the screen to reach the top corners.

Once you get used to the swiping, you will understand just how much it improves the user’s experience.

The long-awaited Face ID

Removing the home button means that there’s no fingerprint reader on the front anymore. That’s why, you have the new Face ID system, which unfortunately is far from perfect, whereas the touch ID was far more superior.

However, Face ID can get improved with new software updates so we hope to see them more often! Note that, it has some physical limitations that will prevent it from unlocking. It works by placing thousands of sensors on your face to recognize you. The system is quite sophisticated as it can recognize you as you change with time or when you add a makeup or change your hairstyle.

The system is known to fail if there’s infrared light around you. Personally for me, locking your phone with Touch ID had a success rate of around 99%, whereas with Face ID it is around 95%.

Go to Settings to turn “Attention” on. This means that you will have to be looking towards the phone so that it can unlock. I believe that the Face ID system provides more security in terms of authentication and it’s quite a seamless process.

Apple represents animated emojis

The Animoji, possibly the funniest feature on iPhone 10 that would make communicating with your friends even more hilarious. It’s exclusive to this model only! Android users will receive a video of your Animoji when you decide to send them one. Even though that this feature requires a front-facing camera, other models of the company don’t have it.

Photos are now even better

The cameras are a bit changed even though the sensors are the same, but with better glass and optic stabilization. Now, you can make far better pictures with the 2x telephoto lens and zoomed videos & photos. HDR on this phone is quite amazing, aggressive and detailed. From what we’ve seen, the iPhone X’s front-facing camera might be the best one on the market for videos.


Inside the phone, this awesome machine offers an A11 Bionic chip, 3GB’s of RAM, which allows it to perform on a brilliant level making it one of the fastest phones available on the market. The battery of the iPhone 10 is improved as it is now close to the capability of the iPhone 8 Plus.

The bottom line is that iPhone X is a brilliant device and people won’t be disappointed for paying a thousand dollars to own one. Those who want this phone are already aware of its drawbacks, so it’s a well worth purchase after all.

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Many people were on the 5th of November convinced to download a fake WhatsApp. While the popular app appears as “WhatsApp Messenger” in Google Play, the fake App was called, “Update WhatsApp Messenger.” The most surprising thing is that it appeared to be made by WhatsApp inc; who are the original creators of the App.This caught many unsuspecting users by surprise.

What the App was able to do

The app required little restrictions for it to be downloaded. Once it’s downloaded the app hides in your smartphone by deleting its title and icon. The ad-loader wrapper downloads a second app called ‘whatsapp.apl’. This makes it very hard to detect it.

By the time Google pulled it down more than one million people had already downloaded it. A Reddit user first flanked the fake app on their page warning users of the malware.

Users who had downloaded the app complained that the app had a lot of ads. The app seems to be an imitation of the upcoming Whatsapp business app, and many users may have thought it to be an upgrade.

Buyers be Aware

The rule has always been to avoid downloads from questionable sources, but the fact that this app was available on Google App store raises a lot of questions. Users asked why Google would let the app remain for download without them noticing. The malware was flaked down by a user on Reddit rather than Google Play.

Hackers are becoming more bold and innovative in coming days. They are offering various gifts and upgrades to consumers in an effort to get lots of downloads. Once the apps are loaded on a user’s phone, the hackers then use fake user interfaces to capture customer data. This data is then transferred to a remote server where financial information is captured. Transferring customer funds then becomes very easy.

WhatsApp Business App

This is the App that the company hopes to launch shortly and which Hackers took advantage of. The App will connect users to business enterprises. You will be able to connect with companies through the app and make product orders through it. Versions of the App have been made available to testers.

The App will enable users to make landline calls and text messages through Whatsapp. This is a feature that is currently not available with current versions. You will also be able to interact with a company’s website chat through the App.

Whatsapp with more than one billion users hopes to increase revenues through the creation of enterprise features targeted at businesses. By breaking the communication barrier with customers, businesses will be able to update customers on important product launches. You will be able in the future to make airline and hotel bookings through Whatsapp. The company in an effort to block scammers says that users will be able to block unwanted numbers. You will also be able to update your contacts on WhatsApp. The App will be a big win for banks, small businesses, airlines and many other enterprises seeking a fast way to connect with customers.


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Tesla has been taking the world by storm with its range of innovative products. They have solar roof tiles and their ambitious space expedition is just years away. But, Tesla Model 3 has been giving Elon Musk nightmares of late. The plan was simple, have the production car available to the general public by 2018. Tesla estimated that they would be doing an average of 10,000 cars per week with production at their Gigafactory.

It’s was a statement by Elon Musk on 8th November during an investor conference briefing that got people worried. Elon Musk has been confident of having the Model 3 available to the market in 2018. The influential Tesla CEO was apprehensive when asked whether Tesla was still on course to deliver 10, 000 cars per week in 2018. He said due to ‘production delays’ at their Gigafactory, production of the model 3, will be cut by half to 5,000 cars per week and later in the first quarter of 2018.

Production problems at Gigafactory

This has raised concern amongst investors who are now not even sure whether the production car will be available in the market in 2018. Elon Musk blamed the hiccups on battery problems at their factory. He also claimed to be trying to overcome what he calls ‘production hell’ at the Gigafactory. This is a far cry from his previous statement in August where he was far much confident.

Issues have been raised concerning rumors that some processes in car production were been done by hand. This raises that question whether Tesla where over-optimistic with their 10,000 cars per week figure. The Model 3 was given to some Tesla employees to test drive it and some have reportedly complained of the car breaking down.

Model 3 plans to bring uncertainty to Tesla fortunes

Investors are questioning Tesla optimism of producing more than one million cars by 2022. Is it a figure that is just too high and unrealistic? Tesla competitors will be rolling out their own versions of electric cars in 2018 and it will be interesting to see whether Tesla will have resolved its issues by then. The BMW 3 series electric car has been one of Tesla’s competitors and the question is how these delays will affect Tesla profits. The Model 3 has been capital intensive with Tesla putting its Capex at 1 billion dollars in the fourth quarter. Tesla’s revenues have been on the steady rise, gaining 30 percent to stand at 3 billion dollars but their expenditure has also been very high.

It is yet to be seen whether Tesla will overcome its challenges and get the Model 3 in the market by 2018. What we do not know is whether there might be more surprises coming from their Gigafactory as the year comes to an end. Tesla will have to up their game and seal any loopholes in their manufacturing processes to ensure that no further hiccups are experienced. Elon Musk still remains an optimistic and he has often been seen spending a lot of time at Gigafactory, in an effort to save the model 3.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. Imagine having a program file your taxes, pay court fines and actually win a court case for you. Thanks to AI we are now having auto cars that pick you up and drop you at your destination without a driver. AI uses human recognition software and the more they learn the better they become.

The city of London held lawyers challenge from 20th to 27th October. The challenge pitted lawyers against CaseCrunch, an AI program modified for the legal field.

Challenge between machine and lawyers

The challenge involved 112 lawyers who competed with CaseCrunch in payment protection insurance (PPI). CaseCrunch is an Ai program designed by Cambridge Law students in formulating algorithm based predictions. The lawyers were presented with different scenarios on whether the case would be won or lost based on their legal expertise.

The outcome, out of the 775 predictions, CaseCrunch managed over 86.6 percent correct against 62.3 percent for the lawyers. The challenge was overseen by the Financial Ombudsman Service and judged by a Cambridge Law lecturer.

The results raised questions about whether machines will finally replace humans in the legal field. AI is way faster in making calculations and continuously adapts. With time they will be able to do more functions that were traditionally done by humans.

CaseCrunch- the future legal machine

CaseCrunch -previously called Elixir – had earlier on in August used their Ai machine to give legal counseling to people. It seems they keep improving, leading to the question will they one day overtake humans in providing legal services.

In a press release after the competition Josef Maruscak, the Managing Director for CaseCrunch had this to say:

“We could not be happier with the outcome. We are grateful to all involved parties, especially competing lawyers who were not afraid to participate. We are not necessarily adversaries in this game, the systems like ours can make the legal world more effective for everyone. I am convinced that we have now reached the point where our technology and expertise allow us to satisfy both our vision and our commercial interests. We are looking forward to finding solutions for our clients now.”

The Lawyers were able to log in to the company’s website and make their predictions. The organizers of the challenge said that their intention was not to show whether machines are better than humans but, whether they are equal to the task.

With many industries taking to AI in their products, the legal field is a place to watch. It is to be noted that AI performs better where there are mathematical algorithms. In the field of research, some law firms have resorted to various legal Ai programs to gather facts at faster rates than law interns.

The potential of Ai is enormous and we may not have seen the last of such challenges. Many people still approach Ai with a lot of caution. Which is understandable; Hollywood has often made movies with machines annihilating humans in the near future. But, there is a lot that can be learned and improved on, especially in the field of medical science and the legal field.


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In the year 2006, a mock funeral was made for the Sony’Aibo in the pet cemetery at Sony’s headquarters after the firm decided to rest the pet project. Sony was taking a more conservative approach to risk-taking, under their then Chief Executive Sir Howard Stringer. But, Sony in recent times has been on the roll, releasing one innovative product after another. The Xperia Android phone has been competing with other high-end phones in the market.

Aibo Re-launch

Sony on November 1, 2017, decided to introduce their much-loved pet to the public. The Aibo still is very cute and you are always tempted to touch its face. The Aibo through its 1 and 2 axis actuators that make it move along its 22 axes, makes the Aibo very flexible and enhances mobility.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is meant to change how machines interact with human beings. Sony, not wanting to be left behind rode on this innovative technology to bring the Aibo back to life. A man has domesticated pets since the Stone Age. But, keeping a pet can be stressing; you have to clean poop, feed and clean it and teach it how to use the toilet. Then after doing all this, the pet finally dies and your life comes crashing around you. With a robot pet, you are assured that the pet might in some instances outlive you.

The Aibo uses AI to recognize faces and is able to learn from its owners. Everything concerning what it learns is stored on Sony’s cloud system. The Aibo is able to interact and share information with other Aibo son their Cloud network. This over time leads to a robot that acts just like your normal pet; it even develops its own unique personality and shows lots of emotion.

Aibo ability to imitate human actions

The Aibo comes with an 802.11b/g/n WiFi and a Sim card slot. This lets you send it messages over your phone. The Aibo recognizes your voice through four microphones and a speaker. With AI, the Aibo can wag its tail when you come back from work, jump when asked to and fetch your ball when playing in the yard. Through the Cloud network the Aibo can respond to different human emotions; like when you are sad it can come and snuggle next to you. In order to adapt to its surroundings, the Aibo uses AI, fisheye cameras, WiFi, Sony’s Cloud computing and GPS for locations.

The Aibos with time blend into their home environments. They will know where the kitchen is, who their owners are and who left unwashed dishes last night. This is due to AI which enables the Aibo to keep adapting and improving. With time you will simply be addicted to the Aibo and it will have become part of the family.

Sony’s relaunch of the Aibo is surely going to rattle the technology market. The big win, however, is for Artificial Intelligence, a technology that will surely change how we humans interact with machines. With the Aibo you get the benefit of a lifetime partner that will be with you for decades without getting old; the Aibo is just simply adorable.

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