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How many movies have you watched in your life where robots began to take over the world? Arnold Schwarzenegger made a comfortable living off of his cybernetic alter-ego. However, the lines between Hollywood and everyday America are beginning to blur. Where does science fiction end and the harsh realities of robotic automation begin?

There has been chatter amongst conspiracy theorists for years in underground lairs about robots taking over. However, there is a serious threat brewing for many of the unskilled labor jobs in this country. Within the next several years, there is a high possibility that one in four of these jobs will be wiped out.

Our nation has been fighting a losing battle for years simply trying to keep jobs in the country. Many production jobs have been lost to other countries where the wages are much lower. There are countless communities across the nation that has been decimated by factory closures. In these towns, the communities have never been able to fully bounce back. There are several communities that have turned to “ghost towns”, as the population has left in pursuit of other opportunities.

What are surprising are the types of jobs that are in danger of getting replaced by automation. Several years ago, no one would have thought that self-driving cars would be a reality. Yet, in October of 2016, a self-driving truck crossed through Colorado to deliver a cold shipment of beer. In states such as Arizona and Pennsylvania, taxis are delivering passengers to their intended destinations. While the majority of these vehicles are not fully self-driving as of yet, it is only a matter of a year or so.

While the idea of self-driving cars seems quite practical, what happens to all the taxi drivers and truck drivers? In the United States alone that is a loss of over 4 million jobs. As the automation process becomes smarter, more jobs will be subject to the great robot takeover. If a robot can drive a truck why can it not flip a burger or run a grocery store?

In fact, in Seattle, the very first fully automated grocery store will be opening their doors to the public. The Amazon Go grocery store will allow shoppers to gain entry to the grocery store, take what they need, and leave. This is all done without the need or supervision of any employees. This is done through a series of sensors through the store that will detect what you have and bill your account accordingly. In this scenario, the cashier has become obsolete.

The truth of the matter is there are few industries in the nation that are in danger of automation. The safest jobs to have are ones that require a need for someone to truly reach out and touch a human being. These types of jobs are typically in the health field such as therapists, social workers, and mental health workers.

Is your job secure or are robots biting on your heels? Do you think robots and automation are a threat to us or will they turn our society in a new direction? Let us know in the comments!

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To understand why Apple is one of the most successful companies in the world, we must get back in the past and examine the foundations of the corporation. In modern days, Apple is considered as one of the most successful companies for all times, whereas many organizations rank Apple as the most valuable brand in the world. According to Forbes, the value of Apple is twice more than Microsoft and Google.

1.Product Engineers must have a desire for their products as much as their clients.

Apple’s engineers represent the real clients themselves because they develop technologies, which they would love to use in their everyday life.

The philosophy came from the founder of the company Steve Jobs, who was the first one to try every product designed by the firm. All functionalities are created in such manner that they are as intuitive as possible for the regular user. The secret ingredient for Apple’s product is the minimalistic approach they use

2.Lightweight, Easy-To-Use, Intuitive!

As technologies advance, they get more sophisticated than ever, and the tasks an individual can perform with them are endless. The designers of Apple are focused on delivering unique user’s experience that’s simplified

Apple always aims to create a product that is easy to use. Products, which are difficult to use are considered worthless even if they are unique.

3.Professional Customer’s Service

Jobs had an incredible customer’s service team behind his back. In all Apple stores, the sellers are not only professionals at what they do, but they are proficient psychologists, who know how to treat a client and convert him.

Apple’s salespeople are highly educated, and they know every single detail about the product, in which the customers are interested. The approach they use is personal and their first mission, when they interact with the client, is to create a bond with them.

The products designed by the firm use an incredibly intuitive software, and they are easy-to-use. That’s why a large percentage of the people buying Apple devices are newer clients. When you are having a problem with the device, the issue will be handled by a professional and satisfaction is guaranteed.

4.The Key Is In Simplicity

According to a major company’s executive, the key to Apple’s success comes from the simplicity and because they have one primary product – the iPhone. Simple product, professional customer’s service, easy-to-use interface. The decision-making process is almost eliminated.

When people buy a particular kind of technology, they want to have a comfortable customer’s experience without any hassles. When the individual is having hard time choosing, he is not having a pleasant time. At Apple, this problem is eliminated because a client can choose from only five iPhone models.

The statistics of Apple devices sold each year, show that clients appreciate the simplicity provided by the corporation and that’s why they are loyal customers.

Any darn fool can make something complex; it takes a genius to make something simple. – Pete Seeger

5.Apple products are simply better

Throughout the years, Apple has invented many technologies, but they became famous for recreating products. They simply want to design products that are better than others.

The iPod is a reinvention of the MP3 Player, but Steve Job’s way of seeing things created the Apple version of the product. They automatically killed the competition of all other music players. The first smartphone was invented by the American technological giant IBM, but Apple created what is considered as one of the greatest mobile devices – the iPhone. Apple’s smart telephone changed the evolution of all other phones.

When they reinvent products, they don’t do it unless they are entirely sure that it would be far better than their competitors.

6.Apple is always a step ahead

For their competitors, it’s an actual nightmare given the fact that the latest iPhone released by Apple has been created a year ago and now the next phone is ready and just waiting for the right moment to be launched.

An interesting fact is that Apple receives around 70% of all the profits in the smartphones and around 85% in the tablet industry.

 Final Thoughts

To the great software and the unusual design, rich content, quality of applications as well as the services provided by the company to the equation and you will understand that Apple is on a whole different level.

The pleasure to use their devices and the way they look is what makes the company so successful. Moreover, all devices of the corporation are a part of an interesting ecosystem, and they work seamlessly with one another.

From what we see, no technological company is going to surpass Apple in the next couple of years. The facts show that this company is going to stay on top of the charts for a long time.

TripontechJuly 12, 2017


Today, the internet is full of sophisticated viruses that can harm your mobile device or computer. There’s no system ever created that can withstand all cyber attacks. However, the tech giant Apple has created an operating system much more advanced than others that protect itself from most of the viruses we know today.

Mac users can rest assured that there’s almost no malware that could affect their belonging, except the famous Trojan horse which can steal your private information.

Popular anti-virus software such as Norton & MacAfee must not be installed on your Mac device as they aren’t compatible with it. This could heavily damage your computer as it becomes more vulnerable, rather than protected.

Moreover, users must be careful with pop-up websites such as “Mac Keeper &“I Anti-Virus”, which are viruses. These websites must be closed the moment they got opened, and under no circumstances, the individual must not click anywhere on the sites. Those tricky pop-ups are called “scareware”, and they could trick you into downloading a virus. Other malware products include Mac Defender, Mac Protector, Mac Sweeper, Mac Guard, and Mac Security & Mac Shield.

Here’s how to avoid infecting your device:

  • Always double-check your downloads. Download software from trusted websites like the AppStore. Before you download a new application on your Mac, carefully search the web to determine if it’s a trusted program or not. Your own due diligence can save you a lot of time and problems.
  • Avoid Pornography sites. Every pornography site is full of malware. Most of them try to steal your data, harm your PC and take away your money. Believing that paying for pornography will keep your computer safe is a myth. Adding a payment method to your account can only make it easier for hackers to steal your money.
  • Use Antivirus programClamXav: This software is going to check the files that you download for unsuspected problems. Upon finding one it will ask you whether you wish to keep it or delete it.
  • Social Medias & Torrent websites are risky. Torrent websites are easily breached and you could download a malware with few clicks only. The same goes for social networks like YouTube and Facebook. In fact, one in every six links that are shared on Facebook contains malicious software!

Experts suggest updating your iOS device regularly in order to stay protected from widespread viruses.

If you are wondering whether you have made the right choice buying a Mac, just enjoy it for a few months, and you will see for yourself what a brilliant machine it is. Windows computers can get infected while still being in the factory and some unpleasant viruses can steal your bank account information, which isn’t something that’s possible with Apple’s products.

TripontechJuly 10, 2017


The problem of counterfeit products continues to grow.  Traditionally counterfeiting was restricted to the fashion and beauty industries.  With thousands of fake products produced each year.  The problem of counterfeiting is now a major problem for the technology sector.   Each year billions of dollars are estimated to be lost to counterfeit electronics and software products.  The problem has become so big that global retailers including eBay and Amazon are installing new measures to identify and restrict the sale of fake electronics.

In recent years electronics manufacturers have developed ways to stop counterfeiting.  These include the use RFID technology and holographic labels.  However, counterfeiters have quickly developed methods to circumvent these measures.  Fortunately, a method has been developed that could see the end of counterfeit electronics products once and for all.

In the UK researchers at Lancaster University have been experimenting with the quantum technology graphene.    They are hoping graphene can be used to effectively authenticate products without leaving any doors open for counterfeiters.   Graphene is made from a tightly packed layer of pure atoms.  The atoms form a lattice that looks similar to a honeycomb.  Graphene is the thinnest, strongest and lightest material ever discovered.  At only one atom thick are the most effective heat and electricity material ever discovered?

A scientist has developed a way to use graphene to create a digital fingerprint at the atomic level.   Consumers will be able to scan the electronic fingerprint with a smartphone and instantly check the product against the manufacturer’s database, to clarify its authenticity.  This technology is seen as being simply beyond the capabilities of any counterfeiter.

The technology as seen as being impossible to clone.  According to Dr. Robert Young at Lancaster University.  The technology only works at the atomic level.  As the technology relies on the laws of physics it is impossible to create a replica.   This is a major step forward as a holographic label can easily be copied.  But reproducing atoms is not possible as you would have to break the laws of physics.

Graphene is considered to be a miracle material.  It is only one atom thick.  But is stronger than steel and more flexible than plastic.   This incredible material will soon be used in consumer electronics products.  Developments for the use of touch screen technology and LCD TV’s are well underway.   With graphene expected to revolutionize many industries.

The use of graphene could very soon, see an end to the war with counterfeiters.   This new technology will be a big help to consumers.  Allowing them to buy technology with confidence.  The development of a supporting smartphone app and database.  Will mean that consumer can simply scan the digital fingerprint and check items on the manufacturer’s database.  This development is clearly creating excitement among the tech giants.  Who would love to see an end to the battle with counterfeiters?

TripontechJuly 10, 2017


Tesla has just announced that it will be building the largest lithium-ion battery in the world, in collaboration with the Australian government and the French company Neoen. When completed, this battery energy storage system will be 60 percent larger than the world’s current largest.

The battery pack will have a capacity of 100MW/ 129MWh, which will provide energy to South Australia, a state that has been struggling to find a viable source for years. The Tesla Power pack system will charge using renewable energy from a close by wind farm (Hornsdale Wind Farm), and then deliver electricity during peak time in order to help the state’s electrical infrastructure operate efficiently.

The international community will be keeping a close eye on this project, as the world is transitioning towards renewable energy sources for electricity. Furthermore, it seems as if this is the most economically viable option for South Australia since Tesla was able to drive the cost of lithium-ion batteries down over 30 percent. South Australia’s end goal is to secure its own mean of energy production and they’ve allocated $550 million in order to do so.

There are several high profile politicians in Australia who oppose this project because they have an invested interest in fossil fuels. Cory Bernardi, a conservative politician, has opposed every large scale renewable energy project proposed, however, it has been recently confirmed that he installed rooftop solar panels on his home. This suggests that even politicians who vocally oppose such projects don’t believe their own rhetoric.

Tesla has a 100-day deadline to complete this project, and with the help of the South Australian government and Neoen, they’re confident that they’ll be able to deliver on time. Naturally, building the world’s largest lithium-ion battery will garner a lot of attention, but if the project goes as intended, surely more will be built in the near future.

TripontechJuly 8, 2017


Microsoft users will be presented with a number of updates over the summer months.  Including a new Windows 10 update and a much-anticipated translation feature for Microsoft Office.   As with all things Microsoft opinion is divided.  Especially when it comes to the Windows 10 update.

Following last year’s controversy surrounding the aggressive tactics used by the tech giant.  In forcing users to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10.  Microsoft is taking a softer approach with the announcement of the new Windows version 1703.    In March Microsoft announced it would no longer automatically force updates to the newer version of their operating system.

Last year’s updates found thousands of computer users losing critical information as Windows computer all over the world hit the reset button, with no warning for users.  This resulted in a number of high-profile lawsuits against the tech giant.   The latest Windows update, “Creators” will give users a little more control over when the update takes place.  Users will now be presented with a full-screen warning prompting the updates installed.

The installation options are still limited, with users having the options to “install now”, “snooze” or set the desired install time.  Not all users are happy to upgrade their Windows operating system.  But Microsoft’s insistence on updating is being forced home using security as the main reason.

Older versions of the operating system including version 1503 no longer receive security updates and are vulnerable to security issues.  Microsoft stated that due to the recent WannaCry ransomware attacks.  It is essential that Windows users update to the latest operating system release.

This is again seen as Microsoft finding excuses to force users into accepting updates they do not want.  Windows 10 is notorious for its forced updates and lack of control over how the operating system works.  During recent updates, users have had to change setting back to how they were prior to updates taking place.  As a windows update tend to switch all features to “on” and reset many features users disable.

Microsoft Office Can Now Translate In Real Time

Microsoft Office users are also due to a summer addition to the office suite.  Microsoft Garage has released a new tool.  That will make typing more efficient and make translating your work into other languages as easy as speaking in your native tongue.  The new office add-on supports dictation in 20 languages and translation for 50 languages.

The translation add-on will allow users to talk in one language and see their work appear on the screen in another.  For example, a user can dictate in French and see their words appear in German.  The dictation and Translation feature will be available in word, excel and power point.  The power point version will allow users to dictate captions and translate presentations in real time.   This means presentation can be translated in a live format.  This is a very exciting application utilizing Microsoft’s developments using artificial intelligence.

This new translation and dictation features are only available for Microsoft Office 2013 and higher.  For Windows 8.1 or later with Net framework 4.5.0.


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