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In the article, we are going to talk about the most historic phone ever created in the history of iPhones. We follow Marques Brownlee’s video review as we show you Apple’s latest flagship phone.

There’s a learning curve to the new iPhone X, which is quite fascinating as we haven’t seen anything alike with its predecessors.

All previous models had pretty much the same setup with a rectangle screen, rounded corners and a home button. You know exactly what you get, how to use it and what to expect. If there are any new features once in a while, it won’t take you more than ten-seconds to learn it and you are good to go.

With the iPhone X, there are three or four fundamental changes to the way you use the phone. On the outside, it’s the same shape we’re used to – a rectangle with rounded corners – but the display is now curved for the first time and the screen is as close to the edges as possible.

Holding the phone gives you a pleasurable feeling as it is large enough to enjoy all your favorite activities at maximum pleasure. Even though that the new model is larger, the feeling is that you are having an iPhone 8, rather than a “plus”.

The stainless steel sides make the phone far more slippery and it’s a matter of time before you drop it. The back of the phone is a shiny glass, which would probably never look the same as the first time you’ve opened the box. It can get easily scratched, so it is better to use the device with a case.

The Toronto based accessory maker Dbrand is now offering an accessory named “The Grip”. It’s a quite useful for individuals who tend to break their phones often. More about this accessory, you will learn in the upcoming weeks as we create a separate review article about it.

Overall, it has everything for a $1,000 phone. The speakers aren’t front-facing, but they are still pretty good. It’s water-resistant and you can charge it wirelessly. Once again, there’s no headphone jack, but welcome to 2017!

Many people ask whether this is the most breakable iPhone due to the glass back screen and the answer is… yes. What I personally don’t like is the camera bump, which would make the phone rocking while being placed on a table and chances are that you will get your finger in the photos far more often than before.

The notch

The most prominent feature of the phone is the front notch which contains some highly valuable sensors. It might look annoying at the beginning, but you will get used to it quickly.

All optimized iPhone 10 applications must wrap around the notch perfectly. Most applications are catching up with the update as developers are optimizing their apps.

Apps that aren’t updated will be quite obvious as they have huge bezels at the top. It is quite annoying when you watch videos as the notch will often cut off some of the display when playing on a full screen.

By double tapping on the screen, you can add bezels to see everything, but this would make the screen small and then you will see the need for a plus-sized X.

The Retina Display

The phone features a Retina OLED display with the 5.8-inch panel, high pixel density. It supports HDR, True Tone, Live Photos, and the colors are far better than before.

Having such an amazing display means that users must forget about the home button. Even though that there’s no home button, you can now control your phone using “gestures”, which are part of the learning curve we talked about previously.


By swiping up from the bottom of the screen to go home and you will see a bar that represents your “Home”, from where you can close opened applications.

Swipe down from the top to access notifications. By swiping from the right corner you can open the “Control Centre”. For multitasking, you have to swipe halfway up and then over to get through your recent apps. If you can’t access the upper part of the phone, you can swipe down on the bottom of the screen to reach the top corners.

Once you get used to the swiping, you will understand just how much it improves the user’s experience.

The long-awaited Face ID

Removing the home button means that there’s no fingerprint reader on the front anymore. That’s why, you have the new Face ID system, which unfortunately is far from perfect, whereas the touch ID was far more superior.

However, Face ID can get improved with new software updates so we hope to see them more often! Note that, it has some physical limitations that will prevent it from unlocking. It works by placing thousands of sensors on your face to recognize you. The system is quite sophisticated as it can recognize you as you change with time or when you add a makeup or change your hairstyle.

The system is known to fail if there’s infrared light around you. Personally for me, locking your phone with Touch ID had a success rate of around 99%, whereas with Face ID it is around 95%.

Go to Settings to turn “Attention” on. This means that you will have to be looking towards the phone so that it can unlock. I believe that the Face ID system provides more security in terms of authentication and it’s quite a seamless process.

Apple represents animated emojis

The Animoji, possibly the funniest feature on iPhone 10 that would make communicating with your friends even more hilarious. It’s exclusive to this model only! Android users will receive a video of your Animoji when you decide to send them one. Even though that this feature requires a front-facing camera, other models of the company don’t have it.

Photos are now even better

The cameras are a bit changed even though the sensors are the same, but with better glass and optic stabilization. Now, you can make far better pictures with the 2x telephoto lens and zoomed videos & photos. HDR on this phone is quite amazing, aggressive and detailed. From what we’ve seen, the iPhone X’s front-facing camera might be the best one on the market for videos.


Inside the phone, this awesome machine offers an A11 Bionic chip, 3GB’s of RAM, which allows it to perform on a brilliant level making it one of the fastest phones available on the market. The battery of the iPhone 10 is improved as it is now close to the capability of the iPhone 8 Plus.

The bottom line is that iPhone X is a brilliant device and people won’t be disappointed for paying a thousand dollars to own one. Those who want this phone are already aware of its drawbacks, so it’s a well worth purchase after all.

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Even though that Apple had made some major changes in their smartphone lineup in the last two months, one of them has been missed by most of us.

iPhone’s 7 largest storage option, the 256GB model has been discontinued as Apple announced the iPhone 8 and iPhone X. Now, customers have two options: a 32GB or 128GB model, or else they have to upgrade to iPhone 8 or X.

According to our source, the Cupertino-based company stopped selling the largest model on the same day the new iPhone series was unveiled. Moreover, we contacted the company’s customer service team to confirm the news.

The greater the storage, the more applications the device can have, which allows you to take more high-quality photos, videos, music, movies and much more.

From now on, iPhone 8 is the only model that will have a 256GB model, so you have to forget about its predecessor if you want a new phone that can hold all of your pictures and videos in one place. Note that some mobile carriers still offer the iPhone 7’s largest storage options, but you have to hurry up as they can finish sooner or later.

According to our reports, Apple has been struggling to sell the new iPhone as much as its predecessors. Not only that, but it looks like the popularity of the iPhone 7 has increased significantly more than their new flagship phone.

However, Apple’s fans have their eyes focused on the new iPhone X, which must be quite more advanced. How are the customers going to react to the large choice they’ve been offered? Well, watch closely as Apple starts shipping the “X” model next month.

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Pixel Google new phone

Google has unveiled new versions of Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones that are expected to bring competition to iPhone users, who may be fed up with their OS. The Pixel 2 entry-level price is at $649 but for the 128 GB Pixel 2 XL it shoots up to $949; there is also no expandable memory so choose wisely when making a decision when buying the two.  What differentiates the two is a larger screen and bigger battery in the Pixel XL. The phones are designed for those who want a simple, premium phone.

Pixel 2 runs on Google Android Oreo Software with an edge to edge screen; the phone has surprisingly no headphone jack. Pixel 2 is taller and thinner than it’s predecessor, but they also have the same weight. The phone has an aluminum back that is very easy to hold. The bottom bezel can be used to front stereo speakers enhancing your music experience.

You can submerge the phone to a level of one meter for 30 minutes due to the inclusion of IP67 dust and water resistance. This is a pretty cool feature among the younger generation who would want to floss it to their friends. You also get a Gorilla touch resistant screen with greater color dimensions. This makes for one the best screens in the market. The resolution on the screen is quite good, especially when you are watching Netflix, Amazon videos and Youtube which are supported through HDR.

Google is renowned for its software development platforms, and The Pixel phones ride on this fact. The new phones come packed with some cool artificial intelligence recognition software. Like the popular Google lens

Google has developed a really fast phone with a Snapdragon 821 processor and 4GB of RAM, which puts it on par with the Samsung Galaxy S7, OnePlus 3 and the HTC 10. Though, it would have been better for Google to get the upgraded Snapdragon 835 that is rumored to offer 27 percent better performance and is more efficient by up to 30 Percent. You are able to play games, run applications and scroll Google’s Chrome without that drag in loading from similar phones.

The Phones come with Google Assistant, which lets you do a lot of cool stuff through voice commands. You can set your alarm, schedule a meeting and ask Google assistant to dial your dad. Google assistant is so much, efficient at grasping what someone has to say than Siri in Apple phones.

The Camera in the Pixel is probably one of the best in the market; you have a 12-megapixel rear camera with dual-LED flash, a 1.55- micro pixel with a f/20 lens and laser autofocus. You also get face detection autofocus and a faster HDR. The Camera takes amazing photos at night, and in areas, with low lighting, thanks to the dual LED flash. There is also a particular aspect of depth in the photos with the phone capturing a lot of details in the background. The fast processor and a fantastic OS ensures that you load the camera in seconds.

You will also be able to take perfect crisp videos shot in 4k, thanks to a gyroscope that ensures you produce videos that appear very realistic. You also have an 8-megapixel selfie camera that produces cutting-edge photos thanks largely to auto HDR+ and the f/24 aperture. You can upload these photos for free to Google photos.

Google has also introduced something called Motion photos that lets you create 3 second short videos and then bring them to life. Google has merged its dual pixel technology with its image processing so as to create really awesome 3D modeling into their camera view.

For security, you have an improved fingerprint sensor that is very responsive and fast.  This will be a key selling point to its competitors like iPhone X that ditched its Touch ID.

Google Pixel 2 and XL are definitely going to cause a stir in the high-end phone market. The Pixel 2 is a good improvement over the previous model. With a cutting-edge camera – probably the best in the market, Google will undoubtedly outsell its competitors. The battery life may raise eyebrows as Google has cut off 70mAh from the previous model.

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Technology launched at India Specifications price and availability

The LG Electronics has finally revealed its new smartphone the LG K7 I to expand the collection of its K-series devices. On September 27, 2017, LG announced its newest smartphone in India during the India Mobile Congress hosted by the company by itself.

However, past few weeks LG was likely to launch two K-series devices the LG K3 and LG K4 (2017),  instead, LG has announced their brand new K-series smartphone which is the LG K7i.One of the newest features of LG K7i is its new technology known as “Mosquito Away”.

The company included a back cover placed in the LG K7i box as an accessory and can be used when needed. LG Electronics also included a speaker, which produces ultrasonic frequencies in order for the mosquitoes to go away.

Mosquito Away

LG K7i is a budget device that is capable of keeping mosquitoes away. According to LG the technology they used in developing this feature is harmless and safe for human. Since the company uses an ultrasonic technology. It will activate automatically when it recognizes that the mosquitoes are approaching. The company said that the ultrasonic technology is odorless and silent. According to the LG Electronics, they set a standard to ensure that their latest innovation will not affect the health of their consumers.

LG K7i Features and Specifications

As what was mentioned above, LG K7i features a Mosquito Away technology that uses ultrasonic sound waves. While they are creating the technology the company did not use any harmful chemicals. The Mosquito Away technology can be activated using its speaker, however the company clear that refilling is not needed.

Regarding about its specifications, the LG K7i will be having a 5-inch screen display, although the company did not mention any about the resolution. The dual-Sim device runs Android Marshmallow (6.0 version) and powered by a quad-core processor. LG Electronics did not specify the processor’s brand that they will be going to use.

In terms of its storage, LG K7i will have a 2GB RAM and a built-in storage of 16GB that can be expanded using MicroSD card. The LG K7i will sport a 5 megapixels front camera and 8 megapixels back camera.


  • FM Radio
  • Wi-Fi 802.11
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • 5-millimeter headphone jack
  • microSD 2.0
  • 2500mAh Battery

LG K7i Availability and Price

The LG K7i will be available in both offline and online Indian markets. The device will cost Rs. 7,990. However, LG Electronics did not mention any detailed information about their newest smartphone. The company offered only one color for LG K7i which is color Brown variant.

The Chief Marketing Officer of LG Electronics commented that “the company has known to be at the front position in developing unique innovations. The purpose of developing the LG K7i is to bring the consumers closer to the Mosquito Away Technology via a mobile device that can be used in daily lives.

Honestly, LG already uses the mosquito away technology on their TV series. The TV series was launched in India last year with similar technology, which can be used as a mosquito repellent.


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The most crucial technology to any device is not the screen size or quality. It is not the storage capacity or its cloud services. It is the battery technology of it. This is for the reason that without the battery, even your phone is advanced, it will not run. Without it, your phone will be useless.

IOS 11 Issue on Battery

fix iOS

IOS 11 is the newest running smartphone software of Apple’s smartphones. It is already installed in not less than the quarter of all the existing iPhone in the whole world. However, it’s not all good news for all the users who have already installed it. Some experience slower performance in their smartphones. Some also experience some battery issues because of the latest OS for iPhones.

Even though Apple will improve some other stuff in the iOS 11, some of you will surely be living with the worse battery life in your devices.

Radical Approach in Dealing with the Issue

If your device is getting worse and worse, buying a new one will be a good idea. This is not for those who have latest iPhones but for those who still have lower versions of iPhone that uses old hardware. The older the hardware and the battery, the worse their performance could be.

If this solution is not okay for you then you might want to just purchase an external battery. With this, your battery problems may be fixed. Some people are not experiencing some issues in their smartphone since they use external batteries.

Here are some more tips that can make your iOS 11 battery drain less

  • Turning on Auto-Brightness –device brightness that is increased consumes a lot of battery power. This is probably because the extra light needed in illuminating the screen requires a lot more energy. This could lead to a faster draining of the battery and the turning the Auto-Brightness feature can be the solution for this.
  • Enabling Low Power Mode –this is the most suggested way to help save your iPhone’s battery. This suspends things like background application refresh, mail fetching, auto downloads, etc.
  • Stopping the Motion Effects –the slightly moving icons and notifications in iOS can also lessen the battery life. By turning it off, you can save battery life.
  • Disabling Dynamic Backgrounds –this is yet another motion feature of iOS. These are some wallpapers that move in various ways. However, just like the Motion Effects, it also eats up the battery life of your device.
  • Manual Reducing of the Screen Brightness –if the Auto Brightness is not okay for your device, you can manually reduce the screen brightness in the settings of your device. In this method, you will be setting the maximum value of the screen brightness and allows you to do a lot more to save extra battery life.
  • Turning off the 4G network –the 4G network is undeniably consuming a lot more battery power than that of the 3G. It is better to turn off this feature to be able to not waste some of the device’s battery life.
  • Preventing Background App Refresh –the background app refresh is an iOS feature that allows the applications to know that you are frequently checking them.


Even though there are issues that stick in the name of iPhone iOS 11 now, we can assure that they’ll be able to manage it. Because of the rapid advancement of technology the Apple has, it is not hard for them to do that.

Anyone shouldn’t be worried about the issues that come with their devices. There are solutions to it and the above-mentioned are just a few. There are more to that you can use in solving everything on your phone.

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On October 4, Google will officially launch its second generation pixel phone; the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL devices. Yes, the launching of the two devices is just around the corner however, there are many leaks that can be found online about the two Google devices.

google device

According to some source, the Google devices will feature a brand new Always Listening recognition technology, two front stereo speakers, and portrait mode. As an additional feature, it is also reported that the new smartphones will be having a restyled Pixel launcher. The new designed Launcher will be having a search bar positioned at the lower part of the device. Although this feature was accidentally revealed by Google last May 2017 during their I/O event.

stereo speakersThe spotted dual front stereo speakers in many leaked photos of the two devices have been confirmed. Several sources from 9t05 Google, @evleaks and XDA Developers have demanded that the new pixel phones will not feature a 3.5-millimeter audio jack.

Artem Russakovskii has noted that Google Homepage restored the design and look of Pixel smartphones.

Google offers many new features on their two new smartphones, besides its new hardware set they also feature a stereo speaker placed on the bottom and top ends.

Another feature is the foreseen Portrait mode, this feature has been seen in iPhone 7 Plus last year. This feature is known as Portrait Mode, focuses on the angle you want to capture and its background will automatically blur out. The Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL are spotted with only one camera on the back side. Although it is unclear how Google will go to work on this feature. This has possibly become attractive for individuals who have an interest in photography.

According to Artem, the Squeeze feature will be added in order to launch the Google Assistant on the two smartphones. Even though the screen is turned on or turned off, the user can still open the Google Assistant by simply squeezing the device screen. The squeeze intensity and pressure sensitivity can be adjusted manually that allows the user to look for a comfortable spot in order to trigger the Google Assistant Shortcut. However, this feature was already leaked in the month of July.

The two new smartphones will also have an Always-On Ambient Light Display that now belongs to AOSP. It is also available in other devices using Android Oreo (8.0 version).

Among all the leaked feature, sources also spotted a special feature, the Music recognition. The Music recognition is basically a background activity, which activates in order to show the user a music on their screen, which is played nearby. This means Google will look for a music that is playing nearby and display the searched music on the user’s lock screen.

But if you are worried about privacy, worry more because you can disable the Music Recognition feature.

A few days from now Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will officially launch, however, in these few days we will expect more confirmations and leaks about the two smartphones.

The Pixel 2 will said to sport a 4.99-inch screen display while the other one is expected to be larger with 5.99 inches HD display.

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