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For those unfamiliar with the subject, Denuvo is the latest in the line of the many attempts at combating video game piracy. The specifics of how these particular DRM functions have not been revealed, but that has not stopped the dedicated hacker groups such as the Chinese 3DM from ultimately cracking the code, even if it took them over a year to do so initially.

While many of the games which first used Denuvo took over a year to crack, subsequent titles were cracked in as little as one to three months, with the most recent releases being cracked open in under two weeks, some of them in a matter of mere days. The latest in line to be cracked was Sega’s Sonic Mania, which had been cracked during the very launch week, and some other AAA titles such as Tekken 7 and Resident Evil 7 were cracked even quicker.

Out of the 71 games released so far that use Deneuve, as many as 50 were cracked, which means that Deneuve is roughly 70% ineffective. What’s more, the games that are still uncracked are all either the less popular games or those which focus on multiplayer, thus implying that they are simply a lower priority for the hacker groups currently working on dismantling Denuvo. Moreover, several games which initially used Denuvo had dropped this protection after it was cracked, and other dropped it immediately as they realized that its failure was inevitable.

So, what does all this mean for Denuvo and DRM technology in general? To put simply, ever since always-online DRM technologies were first introduced, they mostly had something to a cobra effect to them. Namely, rather than preventing piracy, all that these DRM technologies did was alienate player bases and actually encourage them to steal from the industry giants such as EA and Ubisoft, which were the ones to most commonly resort to such anti-piracy measures. Denuvo was the only such technology which actually protected certain titles from being pirated, if only for a limited amount of time until it, too, was overcome. To an extent, it was actually effective, as people undoubtedly bought games which they wanted to play but did not want to wait indefinitely for a crack that might never be released.

Ultimately, however, it served more as a testament to the talent and persistence of the likes of 3DM and proved that software can always be hacked, regardless of its complexity or levels of protection involved. It also spells a sour note for developers, as it also proves that software piracy is a trend that definitely won’t end anytime in the foreseeable future. At this point, only large companies still use Denuvo in their attempt to boost launch-day sales, but it is unclear for how long this will go on, seeing as Denuvo-protected titles are all being cracked in a matter of days at this point. In the end, only time will tell for how much longer Denuvo will last, but one thing is certain – its days as a pirate’s worst nightmare are over.

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Pokemon Go is getting a long-awaited update that could bring the game back to life. With a new gym system and “Raid Battles”, players will have tons of fun playing together!

The creators of the game, Niantic Labs, described the update as the largest in Pokemon Go’s history. They are expecting more than 20,000 players to gather in Chicago during their first real-world event that’s supposed to be held in July.

All the gyms are shutting down at the moment until all updates roll out in the next few weeks. The redesign of the gyms will make them much more interesting and fun to use. Moreover, the company promises some new Legendary Pokemon to appear throughout the game.

Here’s everything you need to know about the latest update of the game:

I. Gyms Redesigned

The developers of the game have decided to change the way gyms actually work. Now, the controlling team can fill up to six permanent slots, but only one Pokemon species is allowed per gym.

Moreover, users now battle other Pokemon based on the order they were assigned to the gym and not their CP.

II. Pokemon’s motivation

Pokemon can now leave the gym if they don’t feel motivated to fight. Before this update, Pokemon was kicked out of the gym only after it was taken over by an enemy team.

Now, they have a motivation bar that decreases when they lose battles. When they lose motivation, their CP level also falls so you have to feed them with their favorite berries.

III. PokeStops and Badges

From now on, Gyms act as PokeStops, which means that you can swipe them to earn items.

Gym badges were also improved and now they can be leveled up as you fight in the gym. This would earn you some special items to help you throughout the journey.

IV. Raid Mode

Surely the biggest change in Pokemon Go is the new Raid Battle feature, which allows you to team up with other players in order to fight against some ultra powerful Pokemon at the gym.

All Pokemon in the gym will be returned to their owners when a raid begins at the gym. Over the gym, you will see a large egg with a countdown that shows when the raid will start.

All nearby raid battles will be shown on the map, right next to the Pokemon close to you. To access a raid, you will need a Raid pass. To obtain it, you can receive one free pass a day by visiting a gym, or you can purchase them from the virtual shop. Note that you can possess only one at a time.

Raid battles can consist of up to twenty players and if you succeed to defeat it within five minutes, all players will have the opportunity to catch an extra powerful Pokemon and add it to their collection. After each win, awards will be given to the players such as Golden Razz Berries, Rare Candies and two types of Technical Machines: charged & fast.

Rare candies turn into the Pokemon’s Candy when used on them. Golden Razz Berries will increase your chances of catching a wild Pokemon considerably. Moreover, they can be used to recover the motivation meter of Pokemon assigned to the gym. With the technical machines, you can teach a Pokemon to perform Charged Attack & Fast Attack. 

Not long ago, Niantic released a trailer, which showed players gathering in Times Square to defeat Mewtwo in a Raid Battle. This hints that those battles will be used in the future to catch Legendary Pokemon like Mewtwo, Entei, Latias, Latios, Giratina, and others. 

We will probably see the full potential of Raid Battles at Pokemon Go’s first real-life event in Chicago on July 22. The tickets are available from June 19, so be sure to grab yours before they finish. This might be the first time that players will encounter a Legendary Pokemon, who knows? 



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Super Mario Run made its debut for Android device on 22th of March 2017, a day earlier than its scheduled arrival. Head over to the Google Play Store to download the game for free and test it. Unfortunately, just like the iOS version, you have to purchase the game to access all modes.

Our first thoughts about the game are that it hasn’t changed at all between the two platforms. The content, features, and design are as perfect as the iOS version!

Super Mario Run provides you with the magic of the original game, except one important characteristic – controlling the movement of Mario. The move of the Italian plumbers is automatic, which means that you can mainly control his jumps.

To make a quick leap, all you have to do is tap on the screen, and if you wish to make a higher jump, then you have to hold your finger for a longer time. Moreover, you can stall mid-air for a short period and zig-zag between walls to reach a higher ground whenever it is needed.


What sets apart Super Mario Run from other endless runner games is the design. Similar games use algorithms to create the stages, while these are created manually by highly qualified designers involved with Mario’s universe.

Each level is unique of its own as it provides a variety of entertaining challenges. You must survive spinning saw blades, cannons similar to the popular Donkey Kong Country, claustrophobic spaces and much more.

Plenty of Content

Although there are only 24 levels, excluding the bonuses, there’s plenty to do after you go through each one. First of all, there are pink coins which must be collected in one go. Just when you though that you’ve finished with this, you have to go back to catch all purple and black coins. The online leaderboards provide some degree of competition with your friends, which adds plenty of fun.

What makes the game even more addictive is the fact that you have to implement your strategy skills for every level. To finish all levels flawlessly, with all coins collected, you must become a true master of the game. Truly, one of the most challenging and fun endless runners available for phones.

Your Biggest Competitor – You

You don’t race only for coins and glory, but you do it to surpass your previous score as your greatest competitor should not be someone else, but you! To enjoy this mode, you will need to enter the Toad Rally game, where a whole new repertoire of moves will be unlocked. While you advance further into the game, you will collect coins, tickets, and toads, which will allow you to purchase new heroes and unlock levels.

Final Thoughts

This is not a simple endless runner, that’s going to bore you to death after the few couple of days. It’s a real Mario game designed by Nintendo, and it will let you enjoy the feel of the old games.

The developers of the game have done a fantastic job implementing the original feeling of the game to a device without buttons or a d-pad. The result is an excellent game that reminds you of the old thrill you had as a kid playing Mario’s series.

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The long awaited game, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, after numerous delays since first being announced in 2013, will finally be released on March 3rd. It is developed and published by Nintendo and will be the final Nintendo produced game for the Wii U. It is developed for both the Wii U and the new Switch consoles and will be the first title released on the Switch.

An Early review of the game are coming in and they are very promising. The first thing to note is the universal praise being garnered by the game. Peter Brown, from GameSpot, who earlier played the game has admitted that the game could be the best Zelda game of all time. If that doesn’t hype you up for the game, I don’t know what will. From the information out so far, let’s look at the best aspects of the game.


The game is set in the fictional world of Hyrule and follows Link, the main protagonist, who awakens from a 100-year slumber to find a mysterious voice that compels him to fight the Calamity Ganon. The 19th edition of the Legend of Zelda series, the game takes a departure from conventions, being set in an open world with high definition visuals and the ability to play through the game’s dungeons in any order.


Design and Graphics

This is by far the game’s strongest suit compared to its predecessors. The world of Hyrule is beautiful and teaming with things to admire. The attention to detail in the game is really something else. The design of the world of Hyrule is so colorful, and captivating that times, you really wonder if you are inside an impressionist painting. From the tiny insects scurrying away through the various terrains or the remnants of ancient civilizations, to the gobsmackingly beautiful architecture, this game is just a level above the others.


One of the interesting features of this game is the limited tutorial time. The previous Zelda games were a drag at the beginning as you were forced to do the menial tasks to learn the mechanics of the game. This time, the tutorial is much more succinct and well interwoven into the gameplay to make it an enjoyable and interesting experience.

This is the hardest Zelda game from the last 30 years period. Once you leave the starting area, you are pretty much guaranteed to die and die often. This is partly because of the open nature of the game, you are given access to all the areas of Hyrule, even the ones that you are under-equipped to be in. You also have to contend with a complex process of finite equipment lifetimes, as well as limited physical strength. Even the puzzles are complex, entertaining and a lot of fun to figure out.

All in all, this Zelda game will undoubtedly be one of the best ever if not the best. It gains and holds your interest with amazing storytelling, smart pacing, and beautiful design. This is a Zelda game like none before, and it certainly the most entertaining one. It is bound to be an overwhelming success when it is released on March 3rd.

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It has been really an old technique since the inception of the App store. Every time a popular game comes out in the market, it is inevitable that you will get to see numbers of similar kind of games available on the app store at the same time. It is a common practice by some to use the same kind of the name of a popular game and release it the same time around when the actual one makes to the market.

It’s not that these games are all the same. The mechanism might be same, but not the game. The graphics and the design are always different from the actual one, but they tend to use the same kind of name as the original one.

The current scenario

On 15th of Dec, 2016, Nintendo released their latest “Super Mario Run” on ios exclusively. The experts had already predicted that there will be similar things happening in the app store as well and so it did. Soon after the release, there were apps in the app store with almost the same name.

The reason behind this method is very simple. These games are really popular so when people search for say “Super Mario Run” and gets something similar that is on top, there is a little bit of chance to get the downloads going. People are in the hurry to get this new game and the number of downloads in just 4 days is a proof of that.

Although this game is not entirely free and you need to pay almost 10$ to access the whole game, but people over the world have responded well to download this game. So, basically, those same looking games, enjoy the fame somewhat. They get the hits and a part of the downloads as well (not sure if will play the game after they see it’s a fake).

What the Nintendo has to say?

In this context of this kind of cheating, the game producer has taken it very lightly. According to him, this is not copying. He has taken this very sportingly and has declared that there is no pirated copy available in the market and people who have used same like title, they have not copied the entire game or the levels. So, they are not at all concerned about that.

He also said that these games were on the app store days ago this game released and hence can not be copied.

On the other platform

Although Nintendo has said, they have not released any kind of original version of the android game yet, but there are games already on the Android store while are looking exactly like this game and can be a real concern. Experts have found out that these games have started to climb the ranking on google store pretty fast even before Nintendo launched the game. Some people have also reported that there are APKs found online which are claiming to enable a user to play the game on android which is according to the makers of the game is totally a false claim.

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Technology is everywhere these days, and it seems to become more advanced every year. We’ve come a long way from the Game Boys we had as children. Now, even our youngest generation is able to access any multimedia they desire from their tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. There has been a lot of concern as to whether our infatuation with technology is safe, or even healthy. But this mild curiosity was taken a step further recently when the New York Post claimed that the use of technology could be more addictive to children than heroin.

This is a scary thought for every parent. We do whatever we can to keep our children safe. Is it possible that technology we have made a part of our daily lives is actually doing more harm than good?

There is no doubt that children are stimulated by technology. With all the games, videos, and apps they could ever want at their disposal, they’ve got access to a whole world of entertainment. For many children, these games replace other forms of entertainment such as riding their bike or playing sports.

psychotic junkies

However, claims that technology is just as addictive as heroin are simply unfounded. If anything, this is simply an example of publications using fear tactics to horrify parents. After all, what child doesn’t like to be entertained? How many of us recall our parents reluctantly pulling us away from whatever fun we happened to be having when it was time to take a bath or go to bed? There is no doubt that it’s important for us to regulate our children’s access to technology to a healthy level. However, tech is such an important part of our society that it has almost become a basic necessity.

The way we access information today is completely different from the way we accessed it before. No longer do we have to pour through pages of encyclopedias. Instead, all we need is a quick Google query to find out what we need to know. This isn’t just a trend, it’s our new way of life. Children need to be educated on how these technologies work if we want them to be successful in the modern economy.

However, if you are raising children yourself, there are still a few things you can do. With proper guidance, technology can be used to enhance children’s lives without any negative effects. We know that children need exercise, so make sure that they have time in the day where they can put the tablet down and participate in sporting activities. It’s also important to restrict computer use immediately before bed, as this can negatively impact their sleep cycles.

When your children are allowed screen time, take a few moments to explore the internet with them. Help them learn how to use the internet to find information, and take an active stance in protecting them from content you feel is unsuitable for your children. Remember, there is no harm in playing games. However, all of these games have a rating, and you should ensure that the content is age appropriate.

So, is technology turning our children into addicts? Absolutely not. Technology has an incredibly positive impact on our lives, and we should all take steps to make sure that this is passed down to the next generation.

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