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Recently, Google released their annual list of top Android applications and some of the top choices might come up as a surprise to you. Google has sorted them by most popular new applications and most favorite new applications.

The list is full of applications that you might not have heard about yet. If you are looking for a new hobby, then this ranking might be just for you.

So, Google’s five most popular applications include a photo editor, forecast app, the famous Boomerang as well as video app.

  1. Photo Editor – Filters & Beauty Camera
  2. What the Forecast?!!
  3. Boomerang
  4. TopBuzz Video: Viral Videos, GIFs & TV shows
  5. Yarn – Chat Fiction

However, Google has decided not to stop there and they’ve created their personal list of favorites. On top of that list is the unusual homework helper “Socratic”.

The applications are quite entertaining as it uses artificial intelligence to guide users through their science & mathematical problems. To use the application, all you have to do is take a photo of your problem and it will show you a way to solve it. Moreover, it allows you to watch educational videos and receive help from classmates.

Other applications awarded by Google Include:

  1. 123 numbers – Best application for kids
  2. Qapital – As the most Innovative one
  3. Litsy – Awarded for the best social app
  4. Simple Habit Meditation – The best app for daily help
  5. PicsArt Animator: Video & GIF – As the most entertaining

For video gaming aficionados, Google has chosen CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars as their main choice. The complex game was created by the developers of Cut the Rope. In it, individuals have to build cars and battle against each other to win the game.

Their list of the most popular games of the year include:

  • CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • Super Mario Run
  • Ballz
  • Magic Tiles 3
  • Bubble Witch 3 Saga

As we thought the movie Moana was chosen as their most popular, Game of Thrones took the award for the TV shows. So, after seeing the tech giant’s list, would you say that it covers your favorites of the year? If not, please share with us your most played games and used applications.

AdminNovember 24, 2017


Year after year, the deals on one of the most anticipated days of the year – Black Friday, are becoming better as consumers become more tech-savvy.

I often collect the worst deals from paper fliers, so I decided to share my Black Friday experience with our fellow readers. So here are the deals that you must avoid at all cost or else the given money would be for nothing.

Big-screen HDTVs

Every year, you will be welcomed by amazing offers of HDTVs, but I highly recommend that you think a bit before buying.

These TVs all have HDMI ports and some of them even have Wi-Fi antennas, but the technology is getting old. They are thick, heavy and some of them won’t find your favorite sports channels.

You will get a way better item if you purchase a cutting-edge OLED TV that would look like a wallpaper to your wall and not like you’ve parked your car in the room.


Two years ago, the whole world was shacking due to the hoverboard craze, that’s already dead. However, you can still find them on the market and, in fact, there are hundreds of random brands most of which won’t last through the holidays. Note that, these hoverboards must be used with protection as you can get hurt.

Check the deals for electric skateboards as you might find some pretty good deals that won’t include breaking your gift or yourself.


Why would you need a camcorder in the 21st century? I even thought that they don’t sell them anymore. Instead of buying a camcorder, we would recommend investing the money in a better smartphone as it would be from a far greater use than a device that can be used for a single purpose only.

Inexpensive Drones

Drones are flying robots and it’s perfectly normal for them to cost more. It’s a unique gift, but they can be quite expensive. However, the higher the price, the more durable it will be. Low-quality drones are hard to control and they tend to break in the first two days of exploiting them. So, if you have decided about buying one, then you will have to pay more if you’d like to enjoy it.

Cheap Windows PCs

We already reminded you that in this article, but it’s the 21st century, people! Avoid Windows computers that have mobile standard CPU’s. Celeron, Core i3 & 2GB of RAM must be the keywords to avoid at all costs.

Why would you need a device that’s worth a $100, but can’t perform any operations that would make it worth? Computers cost money if you want them to work smoothly.

DVD Player

Nowadays, I see little to no reasoning for buying a DVD/Blu-ray player at home. Most people who own these devices have already forgotten how to turn them on.

Instead, you can either subscribe online for a streaming service online or look out for a good set-top box to install. This would give you thousands of titles and hours of entertainment.

Wi-Fi Booster

If you own a house, then you must have the problem with the internet connectivity. You have internet on the second floor, but it can’t reach the kitchen or the backyard. It really is troublesome, but Wi-Fi boosters won’t do the trick as most of them don’t work well.

Instead, you can invest in a high-quality network system that would grow your network coverage considerably.

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Many people were on the 5th of November convinced to download a fake WhatsApp. While the popular app appears as “WhatsApp Messenger” in Google Play, the fake App was called, “Update WhatsApp Messenger.” The most surprising thing is that it appeared to be made by WhatsApp inc; who are the original creators of the App.This caught many unsuspecting users by surprise.

What the App was able to do

The app required little restrictions for it to be downloaded. Once it’s downloaded the app hides in your smartphone by deleting its title and icon. The ad-loader wrapper downloads a second app called ‘whatsapp.apl’. This makes it very hard to detect it.

By the time Google pulled it down more than one million people had already downloaded it. A Reddit user first flanked the fake app on their page warning users of the malware.

Users who had downloaded the app complained that the app had a lot of ads. The app seems to be an imitation of the upcoming Whatsapp business app, and many users may have thought it to be an upgrade.

Buyers be Aware

The rule has always been to avoid downloads from questionable sources, but the fact that this app was available on Google App store raises a lot of questions. Users asked why Google would let the app remain for download without them noticing. The malware was flaked down by a user on Reddit rather than Google Play.

Hackers are becoming more bold and innovative in coming days. They are offering various gifts and upgrades to consumers in an effort to get lots of downloads. Once the apps are loaded on a user’s phone, the hackers then use fake user interfaces to capture customer data. This data is then transferred to a remote server where financial information is captured. Transferring customer funds then becomes very easy.

WhatsApp Business App

This is the App that the company hopes to launch shortly and which Hackers took advantage of. The App will connect users to business enterprises. You will be able to connect with companies through the app and make product orders through it. Versions of the App have been made available to testers.

The App will enable users to make landline calls and text messages through Whatsapp. This is a feature that is currently not available with current versions. You will also be able to interact with a company’s website chat through the App.

Whatsapp with more than one billion users hopes to increase revenues through the creation of enterprise features targeted at businesses. By breaking the communication barrier with customers, businesses will be able to update customers on important product launches. You will be able in the future to make airline and hotel bookings through Whatsapp. The company in an effort to block scammers says that users will be able to block unwanted numbers. You will also be able to update your contacts on WhatsApp. The App will be a big win for banks, small businesses, airlines and many other enterprises seeking a fast way to connect with customers.


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Tesla has been taking the world by storm with its range of innovative products. They have solar roof tiles and their ambitious space expedition is just years away. But, Tesla Model 3 has been giving Elon Musk nightmares of late. The plan was simple, have the production car available to the general public by 2018. Tesla estimated that they would be doing an average of 10,000 cars per week with production at their Gigafactory.

It’s was a statement by Elon Musk on 8th November during an investor conference briefing that got people worried. Elon Musk has been confident of having the Model 3 available to the market in 2018. The influential Tesla CEO was apprehensive when asked whether Tesla was still on course to deliver 10, 000 cars per week in 2018. He said due to ‘production delays’ at their Gigafactory, production of the model 3, will be cut by half to 5,000 cars per week and later in the first quarter of 2018.

Production problems at Gigafactory

This has raised concern amongst investors who are now not even sure whether the production car will be available in the market in 2018. Elon Musk blamed the hiccups on battery problems at their factory. He also claimed to be trying to overcome what he calls ‘production hell’ at the Gigafactory. This is a far cry from his previous statement in August where he was far much confident.

Issues have been raised concerning rumors that some processes in car production were been done by hand. This raises that question whether Tesla where over-optimistic with their 10,000 cars per week figure. The Model 3 was given to some Tesla employees to test drive it and some have reportedly complained of the car breaking down.

Model 3 plans to bring uncertainty to Tesla fortunes

Investors are questioning Tesla optimism of producing more than one million cars by 2022. Is it a figure that is just too high and unrealistic? Tesla competitors will be rolling out their own versions of electric cars in 2018 and it will be interesting to see whether Tesla will have resolved its issues by then. The BMW 3 series electric car has been one of Tesla’s competitors and the question is how these delays will affect Tesla profits. The Model 3 has been capital intensive with Tesla putting its Capex at 1 billion dollars in the fourth quarter. Tesla’s revenues have been on the steady rise, gaining 30 percent to stand at 3 billion dollars but their expenditure has also been very high.

It is yet to be seen whether Tesla will overcome its challenges and get the Model 3 in the market by 2018. What we do not know is whether there might be more surprises coming from their Gigafactory as the year comes to an end. Tesla will have to up their game and seal any loopholes in their manufacturing processes to ensure that no further hiccups are experienced. Elon Musk still remains an optimistic and he has often been seen spending a lot of time at Gigafactory, in an effort to save the model 3.

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Amazon, the retail giant has been doing an amazing job delivering goods bought on their web portal to your doorstep. The retailer has grown its clientele to cover almost every part of the United States. They have invested heavily in software development to ensure that the customer’s security details are treated with utmost confidentiality. But, when goods are delivered to your doorstep there is usually someone out there waiting to get hold of your package before you do.

Porch Pirates

This is the name given to package thieves who wait for the delivery truck to speed off from the driveway and then creep to your doorstep and make away with your package.There are states where cops have sent dumpy packages with a hidden GPS device inside in an effort to catch porch thieves. But, these guys are always on the lockout and they have devised ways to avoid detection by cops. Amazon has lost over 26 million dollars in packages through ‘porch pirates’. This has also dented its image amongst affected customers.

Delivery to your car trunk

Amazon is said to be in confidential talks with Phrame, a smart licensing company to curb ‘porch pirates’. The idea is to have a secure bag installed near the licensing plate, with the car keys. The customer using their smartphone can grant access to car keys to the Amazon delivery guy. The delivery will then be placed in your car trunk and you can then access it later.Through a smart App you will be able to pinpoint the location of your car through GPS and view login details. The App will also inform you when the trunk was opened or closed; through GPS you can also tell the car’s location.

There are challenges to this idea, will Amazon customers entrust their car keys to a stranger? The other issue is people who use their cars on a daily basis and may not be in the vicinity of the delivery truck.

Smart lock

The other option is having a smart lock installed on the front door. With a Smart App, customers can grant access to the delivery man who will drop the package inside the house instead of outside. This will not only keep your package safe from ‘porch pirates’ but it will also protect it from damage due to bad weather. The smart lock is not new as WalMart is reported to be engaged with a contractor to have deliveries up to your fridge. Again the issue of security crops up, how many customers will be willing to let a stranger into their home unattended.

Lost and unattended packages are a cause of concern for Amazon as it not only destroys their brand but leaves a lot of irate customers. The online retail market is growing at a very high rate and most items are now available online. A lot needs to be done to curb theft and protect packages from weather elements. Amazon already has a porch pirate bag that locks to your door lock but it seems more needs to be done to ensure full delivery to the customer.

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From the time man first settled on the moon business leaders have been looking for innovative ways to conquer space travel. The business potential is unlimited. Futuristic plans have involved hotels, space crafts like the ones in sci-fi movies. While our obsession with space raises questions on timing and financial costs, Tesla still has plans of one-day settling people in space.

Tesla owner Elon Musk during a conference in Australia on 6th October 2017 unveiled SpaceX new travel plans for Mars. His big idea – a new spaceship that will attract a new wave of space tourist that will boost Tesla revenues.

The new spaceship is said to have 40 cabins, each carrying two or three people, which totals to roughly 80 to 120 persons. Plans to develop cargo version are on the way by 2022. After two years you will have two trips one for cargo and the other for passengers. This will be quite popular for those business people with a few million bucks to spare. Though Tesla plans to later have the prices affordable to the general public.

Tesla big plan for Mars may result in budget cuts for other SpaceX products. The rocket may also include a moon base.  It is expected that the spaceship will commute between any two points on earth in under an hour.  The Spacecraft will be a Multi-functional vehicle that will take over most of SpaceX other functions like ferrying satellites into the orbit or regular commute to its International Space Station.

The Spaceship first task will be to ferry materials for the construction of a fuel processing facility in Mars. SpaceX will also do due diligence on Mars to find out how habitable the planet is. The trip o Mars is expected to take around three and Six months. They, however, plan on first shipping cargo before any passenger trips are made. Fuel will be one commodity urgently needed for the return trips because the Spacecraft requires a boost to exist Mars due to its lack of an atmosphere.  The ship will be filled with Oxygen and Methane for its trip back to Earth.

The biggest concern on peoples mind is Safety. A spaceship is packed with inflammable gases and can explode at any time if the wrong materials are used in its construction. There is also the issue of oxygen and food for the passengers heading to Mars, considering the high number of passengers. SpaceX previous attempts that led to massive losses for the company need to be re-examined for them not to occur again.

SpaceX needs to start planning early if they are to beat their 2022 deadline for cargo and 2024 for passengers. People are eager to see how the project kicks off. Elon Musk did not, however, give journalists a breakdown of how much the project will cost.  Tech Analysts expect that this project will be made a priority at the expense of other SpaceX projects. We hope that the endeavor by Elon Musk will pay dividends as this project has been very personal him.

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