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The Robinhood applications is a stock brokerage that allows individuals to buy and sell stocks for 0$ a trade. By doing so, the company aims to engage the highly important demographic of the millennials.

Before its official launch in late 2014 on App Store, the company had a half a million long waitlist. Now, it’s available for both Android and Apple devices. 

Registering for Robinhood 

Individuals must fill out an application upon signing for the app. New users receive introductory videos explaining the idea of the app and how to make trades. You will need around 80 seconds to get to know the app as it is quite simplistic and easy-to-use. 

People can buy or sell at a market price, make limit orders and stop them when they’re losing money. Unfortunately, there aren’t any trading tools available as of this moment. Luckily for some, there’s no minimum account requirements, which means that you can invest as little as you want. 

The design is simplistic and changes colors depending on your performance with the stocks. There’s a variety of convenient features such as putting stocks in a watchlist, reading information about a particular stock and reviewing your overall performance. 

Why are they offering $0 trades? 

At the beginning of the century, all services aimed to become more sophisticated by providing a large number of features. In current days, the most successful corporations seek to streamline a product or a service, making it more simplistic. That’s the sole idea behind Robinhood, which wants to motivate Millennials to become the next successful investors.

They are creating their own niche, which motivates youngsters to invest without being scared of the additional price tags and features that other trading companies provide. 

Acknowledged critics are worried that inexperienced investors should not have the ability to buy & sell stocks easily as it could disturb the market. 

However, Robinhood believes that the young people should be able to invest easily as they have their own personal financial issues. It’s hard to live normally and have money to invest when you have a student loan, for example. Thus, this application provides an inexpensive way to gamble on the stock market and make a fortune. Who knows, maybe you are the new stock market oracle? 

To function Robinhood needs to make profits. If the company wants to compete with others, they must find a way to make profits, or they might be overwhelmed by the expenses, sooner or later. 

The inexpensive cheap trades lead to thin margins, and this leads to a variety of compromises for the firm. Whether it will be customer’s services, tools or anything else, they have to cut somewhere in order to function. 

Currently, the company works by having no physical locations, a small staff, and little or no marketing campaigns. However, the company does make some money off unused cash deposits from accounts. 

A great sign for the company is that a significant number of venture capitalists invest in it. Currently, large investors such as Google Ventures, Social Leverage, Ribbit Capital and Index Ventures have raised more than $176 million for the company in funding, which has led to a valuation of $1.3 billion. 

At the end of 2016, the company released a gold membership which provides the possibility to trade pre and after hours and allows you to deposit immediately. 

From what we see, the company is ready to maneuverer to establish itself as a trusted brokerage player. Whether Robinhood is going to become a game changer, we have to wait as only time will show. 

The application is highly useful for individuals who are new to the stock market and need to gain valuable experience. After expanding enough in the millennials demographic, the company should focus on attracting experienced investors. One thing is sure, Robinhood is going to make investing in the stock market easier for everyone!

TripontechMay 3, 2017


Paypal is one of the most popular payment processor companies in the world. Recently, they revealed their first-quarter earnings and they are better than the estimate. Analysts predicted only 41 cents increase, but the shares rose by 7 percent. This is due to the fact that the income of the company has increased by 5 percent from last year to $384 million.

The revenues of the company were also higher than expected with $2.975 billion, whereas only $2.94 billion were estimated.

Paypal aims to change the way individuals make payments. They wish to remove the cash payment model and change it to only a digital one. From what we see, it looks like the company’s popularity grows considerably on a monthly basis. Paypal reveals that they’ve registered more than 6 million new accounts only in the first quarter of 2017.

The company gets a nice cut from the transactions made in Facebook Messenger, Airbnb and Uber as it owns the payment processor Braintree.

Moreover, it also owns another popular payment platform known as Venmo. Since they’ve bought the company, they’ve doubled the total payments volume up to $6.8 billion from business partnerships. There is a 25 percent increase in total payments volume for the past year.

Paypal’s shares closed this Wednesday at $44.41, which is a 13% increase for one year. Now, the market cap of the company is evaluated at $54 billion. The world is advancing, and digital payments are becoming even more important. It looks like that the firm is going to stay on the top of the digital payment industry for years ahead.

TripontechMay 2, 2017


Over the past few months, Apple and Qualcomm have been fighting over royalties. Recently, Apple refused to pay the company the licensing fees. This situation could lead to decreased revenues for Qualcomm due to this unexpected move. The Cupertino-company will continue paying the license only when the court comes out with a decision. Of course, Apple is looking to pay much less than before.

Representatives of Qualcomm reveal that Apple is improperly interfering with their agreements. For those who don’t know, Qualcomm is a chipset supplier for many of the phone manufacturers in the world. Moreover, the company is a holder of a variety of patents on wireless technologies. This means that each and every smartphone maker in the world including Apple and Samsung must pay royalty fees to the company.

However, most companies are turning their back against Qualcomm as they are filling too many patents, forcing manufacturers to pay huge fees. That’s why South Korea’s antitrust regular fined the company with around $850 million for its activities in the country. Not only that but manufacturers must pay their royalty fees in advance if they wish to use their chipsets.

Not long ago, Apple decided to fight back by filing a suit against the company in January. They are suing the chipset manufacturer for forcing the smartphone maker to pay more royalties due to the fact that it’s using chipsets made from competitors. Thus, the creators of one of the most popular phones in the world are asking for a billion dollars. Now, the two companies have started a legal war that might be quite ugly.

The aggressive move by Apple to stop paying the fees means that they are quite confident that they will win those cases. One thing is sure, Qualcomm is going to experience massive financial losses without Apple’s payments.

TripontechMay 2, 2017


Many people believe that the new era of wearable technologies is actually at its end, even thought that it has just started. Not long ago, Huawei’s CEO told that he sees no points in smartwatches when we have smartphones. This was a direct hit for the wearable tech industry, as the Chinese company is one of the manufacturers of smartwatches in the world.

Recently, several tech giants such as eBay, Google and Amazon stopped their support on several applications for Apple Watch. Google maps stopped their supports a few weeks ago, while eBay and Amazon did that at the end of April. By going to the applications of any of these companies, you will see that they are not offered on Apple Watches.

However, is that a bad sign for Apple? We reached with Google and they told us that Google Maps is coming to the Watch soon, but they didn’t clarify why they dropped it now. Moreover, none of these companies made an official announcement for their actions.

Maybe the reason behind this is because there might be a version of watchOS coming this June. That’s why some of the largest companies have decided to pull their apps from the platform temporarily in order to update them for the new updated version. Of course, another explanation for this is that not many users actually use them on their devices.

Stay tuned as we’re going to write a follow-up the moment we hear anything from the tech giants!

TripontechApril 25, 2017


At the beginning of the week, Subway announced that they’d made a partnership with MasterCard to provide this service for Facebook Messenger.

Other chatbots that allow mobile payment for food shopping include The Cheesecake Factory and Fresh Direct.

The process of making a sandwich is really simple and straightforward, and it has to be completed with Mastercard’s Masterpass. In a recent conference, the officials from MasterCard revealed that their idea is to provide the most user-like experience to their clients.

The idea behind those bots for ordering is quite brilliant as people want to avoid using other applications, websites and make phone calls to order food. Thus, the Facebook Messenger bots allow you to communicate with companies, making your order detailed, without any hassles. It all happens on one familiar platform.

According to the research of Fresh Direct, mobile usage increases with 42% every year. Their latest bot will become available later this year. To make the process more naive and simplistic, MasterCard uses Masterpass as their food service partners, because the whole food ordering industry can be a bit too difficult for the chat bot.

In the beginning, you will have to go for a lengthier conversation to make a sandwich choice. After some time, you can order your regular order with just a single emoji making the process quick.

Moreover, if you’d like to make a large order, you can have a group conversation. At the end of the procedure, the bot will help you split up the bill. However, you will have to enter your password after every transaction as it doesn’t remember it. For now, there isn’t an option for a biometric entry as well, but they are working on it.

TripontechApril 1, 2017


Most analysts consider the year of 2016 as the most important for the social media giant. The Cupertino-owned company received an entirely different facelift, including a new logo and a variety of other features such as Instagram Stories. For one year, Instagram released more features than ever before, and the statistics show that the app is on the right path.


In 2017, the ad sales must reach the incredible sum of $3 billion, which is a considerable improvement from the $60 million in 2015. A few days ago, the social media platform reached 1 million monthly users, which is five times more than a year ago.

Instagram is getting increasingly popular within small and medium sized businesses as the platform is quite simple and working on it is a no-brainer at all.

Instagram allows companies to track their expenses, income, and sales at the same time, including the traffic, received from the platform. This is something that can’t happen through TV or traditional advertising methods.


Last week, the Silicon Valley company revealed their new in-app shopping feature known as “booking”.

Now, individuals can book a service directly through the application. This would allow businesses such as hair salons and cinemas to make direct sales from the platform. Every company can add one of the following buttons to their Instagram profile: Email, Call, Directions, Booking.

An interesting fact is that there are more than 8 million businesses on Instagram. This popularity grows even more in large countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Brazil and even Indonesia.

Instagram claims that around 80% of all Instagram users follow businesses and they are eager to use the new call-to-action buttons to receive a service straight from the platform.

Stories Feature

Business owners can benefit from the detailed analytics provided by the application. They are available for both Instagram Stories and individual posts, allowing you to determine what works for you and what doesn’t.

Recently, the Facebook-owned company launched Stories, a feature similar to the core idea of Snapchat. However, this move proved to be a success as people use it nearly as much as the original application – Snapchat.

Facebook & Instagram

Some people believe that by becoming more like Snapchat, Instagram can soon cannibalize the user base of Facebook. But is that really possible? According to professional marketers, both social medias provide an entirely different experience.

From what we can see, the potential of Instagram is humongous, and it’s quite interesting to see how high it can reach. 2017 is expected to be a challenging one for the company, and we are eager to see their newest features as soon as possible!

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