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Apple watch forbids support to Ebay, Amazon & Google

Apple watch forbids support to Ebay, Amazon & Google

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Many people believe that the new era of wearable technologies is actually at its end, even thought that it has just started. Not long ago, Huawei’s CEO told that he sees no points in smartwatches when we have smartphones. This was a direct hit for the wearable tech industry, as the Chinese company is one of the manufacturers of smartwatches in the world.

Recently, several tech giants such as eBay, Google and Amazon stopped their support on several applications for Apple Watch. Google maps stopped their supports a few weeks ago, while eBay and Amazon did that at the end of April. By going to the applications of any of these companies, you will see that they are not offered on Apple Watches.

However, is that a bad sign for Apple? We reached with Google and they told us that Google Maps is coming to the Watch soon, but they didn’t clarify why they dropped it now. Moreover, none of these companies made an official announcement for their actions.

Maybe the reason behind this is because there might be a version of watchOS coming this June. That’s why some of the largest companies have decided to pull their apps from the platform temporarily in order to update them for the new updated version. Of course, another explanation for this is that not many users actually use them on their devices.

Stay tuned as we’re going to write a follow-up the moment we hear anything from the tech giants!

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