Apple Became The Leading Wearable Company

Apple Became The Leading Wearable Company

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Not long ago, the leading wearable company in the world was Fitbit, but now the first place has been taken by Apple. Even thought that Apple hadn’t revealed the exact amount of sales they’ve made until now, some analytics reports reveal that the company’s market share in wearable tech has expanded significantly with 4%.

According to those reports, Apple has shipped 3.5 million watches this quarter, which is a huge improvement from last year’s 2.2 million devices.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is getting increasingly popular in the United States and Britain. It has an improved design and provides a variety of fitness & health features.

Apple is headed to the top of the wearable market, but let’s see how was the market share spread over throughout the previous year. Xiaomi and Fitbit showed almost similar results, which are considerably low when compared to the year before that. Xiaomi has lost more than 5%, while Fitbit lost around 11% shares. It even looks like the shares lost by Fitbit was gained by Apple.

The Director of Fitbit revealed that they had lost leadership to Apple due to the fact that they’ve entered the smartwatch market relatively late. Now their revenues, shipments, and profits are decreasing, which leads to a tough year for the company. Now, more than ever the company needs to reveal a revolutionary smartwatch with some incredible features if they wish to stay in the game for more.

Is wearable technology dying?

Many people are wondering whether smartwatches have any future at all. Nowadays, everybody is equipped with a powerful smartphone, and these watches are rather unnecessary expenditure

Recently, the CEO of Huawei commented that this wearable technology is completely useless, which is ironic given the fact that the company is a manufacturer of wearable tech like the smart watch

Moreover, the leader of the market was under attack when a few major apps such as Amazon, eBay, and Google Maps dropped support without any official announcements

The whole industry might crumble sooner or later if the technology doesn’t become interesting enough for the users. Maybe, the fact that Apple doesn’t reveal any reports for the Apple Watch is concerning. After all, even if the company is taking the first spot now, we don’t know what tomorrow has prepared for us. The wearable market is dynamic, and it changes every single day.

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