App news of the week:April 30th

App news of the week:April 30th

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With so many news this week, many might have missed the latest updates of applications. In this article, we are going to review the latest news about some of the best apps available. Read further to see what caught our eyes this week.

I.Cab see

Cab see

The truth is that augmented reality is going to become an integral part of our everyday lives and this is what this application is all about. Cab see is an application that features augmented reality, and it is quite funny.

You can make yourself an avatar, customize it the way you want, choose a mood and watch how your character acts the feeling on your camera. The avatar is overlaid by the camera on your surroundings, and you can record videos of your character so that you can enjoy them with your friends.

II.Apple signs a deal with the

Recently, Apple has decided to sign a deal with the popular music video app The app is very popular nowadays as it allows users to create and share music videos, using parts of songs.

From now on, Apple will supply a large part of the songs to the app. Moreover, will promote Apple Music to its users by allowing them to listen to full songs via Apple’s app.

Representatives of both companies have declined comment, so an official announcement is still expected.

III. Samsung’s Emojis

Samsung’s Emojis

Samsung wants to help people with speech disorder such as aphasia, due to which individuals can’t communicate using words. The company’s latest chat application Wemogee will help people communicate freely using emojis.

The app translates words into emoji sequences so that other individuals can understand them. The sender chooses a particular emoji, and the app turns it into text. Wemogee is designed by a variety of therapists, doctors, and other industry professionals.

What’s more:

Instagram reaches 700 million monthly active users faster than ever. It took only 4 months for the application to increase its user’s base with another 100 million people.

Samsung reveals In-Traffic Reply, an application that can save your life and the life of others while driving. This app provides a solution for busy drivers, who feel the urge to answer their phone behind the steering wheel. In-Traffic sends automatic replies and it can be easily customized to suit your needs

Apple works on Apple Cash in their effort to crush the fast-growing tech company Venmo. Until now, it is unknown when the application will debut, but it’s not far from launching!


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